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In celebration, we're also excited to share two new videos exclusively to the channel today! We have just released NEW Soul Signs & the Stars episodes featuring readings and interpretations for Amber Heard & Johnny Depp, the embattled exes involved in the wild and entertaining trial everyone was glued to this summer; plus Will Smith, Chris Rock & Jada Pinkett Smith, the parties involved in the shocking slap heard around the world at the Academy Awards.

While these incidents may seem separate from the New Earth, they have a lot to teach us about the times we're in and carry messages and metaphor for life and lessons affecting the Collective at this time. Click below and tune in to our channel to experience these Soul Signs readings yourself!

About Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

Earlier this year, actor Johnny Depp filed a defamation suit against Heard (also an actor) in response to an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post that detailed her experience with domestic violence. Depp's name wasn't mentioned, but the article was widely interpreted as being about him. According to Depp's $50 million lawsuit, he insisted that Amber Heard made up these incidents, and alleged that in fact, it was Amber that verbally and physically assaulted him on numerous occasions. The trial lasted six weeks, and the jury took less than three days of deliberations to come to a verdict in favor of Johnny Depp. The trial gave the world a glimpse of a highly dysfunctional relationship that pulled us in and made us curious to take a deep dive and see what unique personality and Soul Sign traits, as well as the overarching thematics, are playing out for the Collective understanding at this time. As a primer, check out Kirem's article on Johnny's Soul Signs released the day after the verdict was announced.

In breaking news, Johnny Depp has a new music album, 18, with Jeff Beck debuting today where it seems Johnny may be throwing some digs at his ex. Stay tuned, Johnny may have a lot more to say via this new album!

About Will Smith, Chris Rock & Jada Pinkett Smith

On March 27, 2022, actor Will Smith walked onstage during the 94th Academy Awards and slapped host, comedian and actor Chris Rock live and on television. Moments before, Rock had made a joke about fellow actor and Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith and her shaved head, making a reference to G.I. Jane. After the slap, Smith went back to his seat and yelled at Rock, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f*cking mouth!” Apparently Jada had previously been diagnosed with alopecia and that is why she had shaved her head. Chris Rock did not know of her condition. As a result of this slap, Will Smith resigned from the Academy and was banned from attending all Academy functions for ten years. He apologized to Chris Rock for his behavior. This unfortunate situation had many aspects that came into play to end up how it did. The show's Soul Sign reading and discussion gives us renewed and deeper perspectives on how personalities play a role in what happened and why.

Stay tuned for our next episode's reading on megastar TOM CRUISE, ready for release on YouTube SOON!

About Soul Signs & the Stars

Join the co-founders of the New Earth Almanac as we bring the Light to new spaces! Ever wonder what your "spirit animal" or "soul sign" is? What it means as far as who you are and how it affects your decisions and actions? Watch as Kirem Marnett channels Soul Signs for people we all may know—from famous personalities to heroes, influencers and change agents, modern and past. With Marci Lingelbach intuitively selecting each subject and providing keen background info, Kirem brings through the Soul Sign messages, their interpretations, and significance for them and the Collective. Tune in and find out—maybe YOU share a Soul Sign with someone we feature and can relate to? This is a fun and fascinating way for all of us to learn about ourselves, each other, and the magic of Soul Signs!