Someone out there needs to hear this.

- to tap into your abilities
- to nurture your abilities
- to explore how your abilities interact with seemingly contradictory belief systems
- to call forward and discover new aspects of yourself
- to make a radical career change
- to do a 180 in your life

I realized recently that this message needs to get out there and be heard. In one of life's serendipitous moments, I went out to dinner with a group of women, only one of which I knew. I was sitting at the end of the table with three women I had never met and we were chatting about life and our adventures. As I was listening to them I realized we likely had something in common. So I asked, "Are you all empathic?" To which they each responded YES!

I kept listening and they each kept bringing up the idea of energy and feeling energy. As an energy healer and psychic medium, of course, my ears perked up. My kind of conversation.

At some point, the woman sitting next to me told me how there have been a few instances in life where she's touched people and received messages (psychometry). One such message led to her likely saving a man's brother's life. She also shared she was a lawyer and of German heritage--so likely more analytical and raised left-brained.

As we swapped a few stories of how our abilities have shown up, I realized she was likely limiting her reception abilities due to past mis-projections. These happen when we're excited to share a message or don't realize we're sharing a message prematurely or without invitation (I learned this the hard way out of the gate when I told an acquaintance she was pregnant before she knew she was). I encouraged the woman to open herself back up to receiving messages but also work on boundaries to learn when it's appropriate to share or not. We hone our skills to receive by receiving. That doesn't necessarily mean we always share what we receive. Those are two separate skill sets.

As dinner went on, she looked at me and said I'm so glad I met you. I needed to hear this, to have our conversation. At which point I felt called to say, "You have permission to explore your abilities." She looked at her arms and said, "I have chills."

One of the other ladies is a Reiki healer. At some point the group of us also talked about exploring, rediscovering, and reclaiming our sexuality as 50-something year old women. She asked if I ever felt conflicted between my deeply spiritual self and exploring my sexuality. In short, I said no. Certainly, there has been an evolution of feelings but in the end I've found exploring my sexuality has helped me be a better coach and tap into the unconscious healing needs of my clients. I told her that, as a Reiki healer, she likely can feel into and move stagnant (sexual) energy that clients have and aren't even aware of because she's more open and aware as a healer. I shared that, for myself, I realized spirituality and sexuality aren't mutually exclusive--essentially, there's a venn diagram that allows for these two to exist together. Certainly, I've become more intentional and my venn diagram of coexistence is evolving.

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