As a White Witch, people often ask me about magic. Magic surrounds us, as we are powerful creators of our own reality. The truth about magic is that it is actually not as mystical as you might think! In fact, it’s made up of ingredients available to everyone. My easily repeatable recipe for magic combines four basic elements: intention, imagination, ritual and will.

This ability for magic is intrinsically woven into to all of us. Each of our lives has the potential to lead us to our fullest potential. If we are clear in our purpose we will organically move towards alignment with that purpose. Magic is believing in yourself!


All intentional acts are acts of magic. When you can see a vision of what and who you long to be or could be, remember that you have the power to create that reality. The first step to creating our own magic is by becoming aware or amplifying sensitivity. Start by withdrawing attention from the problems of the world. Instead, create an image of the reality you want. The power of awareness comes naturally to the surface when we are fully in the present moment. When we elevate a thought by infusing it with our magical intention, it transforms into energy. Your thoughts are always powerful forms of energy. Your words and how you communicate matters! Always have clear and detailed intentions.\


It is from imagination that we create the unforeseen, the unexpected with all of the vivid details. The power of imagination is in your ability to create a vision through your thoughts, words, and actions to set dreams into motion through action. Imagination is to breathe, to dream, and to be fully present to the wonder of it all. All you have to do is just let your imagination run wild and then harness its magical power to create the ordinary into the extraordinary. Right in front of your eyes, your brain takes the language used to communicate as if you are already experiencing it. Get into the vibration of how it feels as though it has already manifested. Create a visual picture of what you desire in your mind. Make space and time for this exploration. Imagination is magical thinking! It is the playfulness that summons your inner-child. It was and is still so much fun to imagine the endless possibilities. Imagination and the mind is powerful and you are inherently plugged into the magical energy of this world and of other worlds. Your thoughts will follow and so will the energy!


A ritual is simply an action practiced with purpose and intention. Its purpose is to help us cultivate our lives. Whether they’re solitary or group-oriented, it is the way new habits are formed. Ritual involves calling on the divine powers to bestow blessing on oneself or others.

You can start by creating your own alter or start a magic circle with like-minded souls.

When you design a spell or ritual yourself, you are using your mind and imagination to create that ritual. Your ritual could be chanting mantra, meditation, affirmations, movement, art, writing, or journaling.  It is about practice repeatedly and with intention. Take some time  to express your deepest desires in all areas of your life. It is time to invite your wishes in!


It is pure magic knowing that you can will anything into existence. The power of  willing something into existence is an intention. The will takes the unwavering decision then action is taken. The will is essentially one's calling or life purpose. Your will is the pure magic, as you focus your energy on your intent while deliberately deciding then reflecting upon a course of action. Our will is our “chooser” that genuinely affects your destiny. You think something into existence or intellectually cognize alternatives that the will chooses. The intention enables a person to create their own unique individuality. The will allows us to freely shape our lives.

How You Can Create Your Own Magic

Establish and/or maintain a strong self-care regimen

  • Follow Mother Nature’s cycles
  • Make happiness a priority
  • Surround yourself with people who are positive, like-minded people
  • Have clear consistent boundaries, physically and energetically
  • Imagine what it would be like to live to your fullest potential and remember it
  • Speak out your Words for your intention
  • Read out loud any Affirmations to assist you
  • Sing Mantras
  • Ask your Higher Self to lead the way
  • Listen to your own inner voice and intuition for guidance along the way

Lori is a natural born White Witch who incorporates magic into her everyday life. As a Natural Witch she has tapped into her past lives and ancestral wisdom to access knowledge about how to bring the old ways to the New Earth. Lori is also a Registered Nurse and Kundalini Yoga teacher who loves writing and spending time at her magical garden and farm in Kingston Springs, TN. Connect with her on Instagram @AlchemyWhiteWitchMagic.