Flowers bring us back to simpler ways of being. They “sing vibrationally” in octaves beyond our hearing. Our spirit reaches for them and is blessed by them. They vibrate in tones that our spirit hears and is uplifted and strengthened by. Flowers give pure Love and so much wisdom if we take the time to sit with them, nourish them and listen to them. Feel them with your heart energy and senses. That helps. They communicate with such deep softness, joyful songs of gigglings and wise knowings. They’re great de-stressors too.

To experience this, if we can tune in and just be with and feel the energy of their presence, with all of our Love, our whole body will respond in a good way. You can also ask them what they need to fully flourish. Sometimes its to feed them or trim them if they’re cut flowers so they can continue to drink in the water. Sometimes it’s to just move it into more or less Light or connect with them and bless them with your Love. Give it a go and see what you experience. Notice how your energy changes if you do this.

Working with Flower Consciousness in Your Everyday Life

Flower roots actively go deep in order to source what feeds and supports them. It is a top priority. They send their roots to seek minerals and other nutrients continually. How do You feed Your dreams? What minerals and nutrients or support systems and actions would help you actively seek out what feeds you, while standing in your wholeness as a divine being? Flowers adapt to change. They have to or they would die. When we feel stuck in different parts of our Lives, tuning in inwardly, like a flower would, can help us identify and access what would help support us. Flowers continuously do this, usually without us seeing it. They are resilient, without fear and they are givers of natural Love, and the soul medicines of joy, inspiration and peace. They Love the interactions with Creation and they Love receiving Love. Especially from humans.

That is one of their most important nutrients—Love. It’s magnetic, electric and contains so many subtle frequencies that nurture and support its growth.

Flower Offerings

What do you give to the space where a flower Lives if you’re going to pick it? Traditionally, many cultures will offer cornmeal, tobacco or other sacred herbs (especially when picking medicinal flowers), or with the connected intention, you can offer a piece of your hair or spit (your DNA), even urinate near them (nitrogen is good for the soil they grow in). A simple “thank you” is fine too. When my daughter began building faerie houses long ago, we’d go into different wooded areas and would first ask permission to enter, while stating our intentions of receiving from nature what it would like to give us, so she could build faerie houses for the faeries to Live in.

We then gave spit or hair (if I didn’t bring tobacco or cornmeal) and would wait to feel the connection with nature. It usually takes just a moment and feels like a heart tickle— just pure and sweet. Then we’d be off looking for natural treasures. Nature is conscious and non-judgemental. When we connected in this way, nature and the elementals would lead us to some truly magical finds that she used for her faerie houses. If you come with humility and a willingness to listen and learn, you will receive much magical goodness in return.

Flowers as Food

Flowers that become the core of fruits and other veggies have a unique journey.

Imagine that while in flower form, the tender tendrils of their antennae are taking in all of the cosmic information showering down all around us. They also take in all that magnificent earth energy and then, not only do they not die, they become the core of the fruit or vegetable itself, so you get the blessings of divine intelligence of the flowers Plus the continuation of its Lifespan as a fruit or vegetable.

When plants like cilantro, kale or basil reach the end of their growing cycle, they often “go to flower” before the “go to seed”. The delicate flowers at this stage of their growth are a culinary delicacy that my husband Ed Harrison and I used to sell to restaurants long ago, from our organic hydroponic farm. When I first came across them I’d eat the flowers instead of composting them. Their essence would fill my mouth and whole being. So delicate yet so full of something that felt magical. A pure joy. We’d only allow certain plants to “go to flower” because once a plant goes to flower, it changes the taste of the plant itself—all of the sweetness goes from the plant, up into the flower to produce future seeds.

Picking Flowers & Other Levels of Consciousness

While in shamanic training long ago, one of the first things we learned about was “sacred relationship”. Sacred relationship is honoring the Life force and consciousness of Creation itself, and in all beings, organic or inorganic as they are defined here by humans. Everything that exists, vibrates at a frequency or blend of frequencies which also means it has a presence or a consciousness. We have the ability to “tap into” that consciousness, ask questions and receive information that is helpful to us and those we Love. Tuning in and listening to the state of being the flowers are in can make a difference in the level of communication you receive from them.

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