Veronica wrote the following in 1993.

The woman in you, the woman in me

the woman roaming wild and free.

Tasting the wind, sensing the air

the power of woman brings you there.

She is the sweetness of the sunshine

the sensual Spring rain shower.

She is jumping in puddles barefoot.

She is the waves rolling in every hour.

She is the moon and stars that light the way.

She is the earth and all the trees,

She is Love, passionate, wild and pure.

She is you, she is me.

The power of woman, alive and clear

the knowing only we can know.

The intuition of our ancestors

fills our very soul.

The power and beauty that is woman

proud, free and strong.

She is perceptive beyond belief of man.

She is here and she belongs.

Woman power, the female being

balanced, pure and clear.

She moves with the energy that nature brings.

She’s protective, territorial and near.

She is nearer than you think,

this woman strong and alive.

This woman wild and free

she is you, right there inside.

She is waiting for the chance

for you to set her free.

She’s been pent up for far too long.

Take the chance and you will see

the power of the female song.

The power of woman who embraces all

is the universal soul and light.

Creative, intelligent, loving and connected.

Her vision creates new life.

She has a voice and a woman’s body

full, strong and alive.

No longer tied to the constraints of man,

however subtly they are contrived.

She has a voice that is loud and clear

and is aware of society’s needs.

She has been pent up and shut up

for far too long.

She is you, she is me.

For approval she has starved and endured the pain

loathing her very nature.

Trying not to be a woman body and soul.

Our hearts now come together.

Now is the time

Dear sisters of earth.

Now is the time

for our rebirth.

Woman gives life, carries life

and creates with beauty.

Now it’s time to do it for our selves.

Time to open up to our true power

to let our freedom and knowing-ness merge.

Woman transcends time and borderlines.

Woman’s Love transcends space.

For woman is the source of all Creation.

She gives birth to every race.

The power of her Love transcends all.

She can reach into your very soul

and show you how to Love and Laugh

deeply and full.

She is earthy, she is whole.

Unlock the doors of your true self

and let your beauty unfold with passion.

You are earth mother and a deep breath of air,

you are mystery, you are action. Aho.

Veronica O’Grady is the founder of Light Leaders International. Visit and @lightleadersinternational on Facebook and Instagram.

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