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We are a spiritual journal for the evolutionary soul. Co-founded in Nashville by two healing arts practitioners in 2021 and written by visionaries, mystics, intuitives, artists and healers from all over the globe, the New Earth Almanac gives voice to and supports the collective co-creators building the world we wish to live in. The design of the publication is like that of a sacred circle, where each writer passes the talking stick to share their own unique perspective and point of view from one to another in every issue.

We publish quarterly print editions that align with each season of the year. We frequently cover consciousness, planetary awakening, our connection to nature, natural law, higher values, self-responsibility, relationships, shadow work, guided visualizations, crystals, meditations, art, affirmations, poetry, book excerpts, body work, recipes, wildcrafting, plant medicine, mantra, healing, humor, wholism, shamanism, spoken word, spirit animals and much more!

New Earth Almanac is published by New Earth Media, LLC, a women-owned business based in Nashville, TN. New Earth Almanac was started to address the lack of professional-level coverage and opportunities for healers around the world to come together and share their voices, stories and medicine. With so many disciplines falling under the metaphysical and spiritual banners, our mission is through a beautifully produced publication, to weave many different perspectives together to highlight and empower the role of healing in society today.

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Pre-order your wholesale packages now of our upcoming Spring Spiritual Journal, ready for retail sale starting in April 2023! There are 10 copies of the magazine included per order. Example: If you would like to receive 50 wholesale copies, adjust the quantity to 5.The NEW EARTH ALMANAC is a Spiritu…

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