As we get deeper into September and arrive at the Fall Equinox (today), you’ve probably seen a ton of articles talking about Libra season. We're urged to “find balance” through yoga, meditation, saying no, setting better boundaries, balance work/life, etc. What bullshit. Life doesn't go like that for so many “normal” people. And the implication that we're doing something wrong in the hell that 2020-2021 has been is potentially destructive to our psyches. Face it, while some of us are experts at just living life safely in the middle, most of us are struggling trying to deal with the tasks in front of us without going under. And guess what, maybe not everyone is supposed to be perfectly balanced all the time. Many of us signed on to stand in the middle of the shit because we're strong enough to handle it. Especially HSPs (highly sensitive people). We're yanked, pulled and pushed out of our safe spaces by the constant assault from the media, trolls on social media, and the fear machine that exists to keep us in a state of UNBALANCE so we're easier to control. Fact. Not fiction.

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