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1.) Did you know we tag and keep track of every post, enabling each article to be grouped into a category where they're featured on their very own page? From #artists and #authors to #shadowwork and #soulanimalwisdom, you can deep dive into any topic you wish!

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Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth

2.) We also dedicate a full page to our active Contributing Writers! Get to know our newest and most consistent contributors--each one has their own profile page--providing socials and web sites to help you further connect with them and their work!

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Meet Our Contributors
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
Note that contributors are featured on the page in order according to their number of posts.

3.) Interested in becoming a contributor yourself? We have an entire page dedicated to providing Contributor Guidelines to help you get started!

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Become a Contributor
Contributor GuidelinesThanks for your consideration in becoming a New Earth Almanac contributor! Below are our contributor guidelines and requirements, as well as a helpful FAQ to assist you in getting started on your first submission. We can be reached anytime you have questions or need assistance…

4.) Did you know we offer gift certificates? Check out the link below or visit, we offer many customizable options great for any occasion!

Gift Certificate
The perfect gift for the evolutionary soul! Avoid wrapping (and supply chain disruption) with guaranteed digital delivery in time for the holidays or your special occasion! (function (g, i, f, t, u, p, s) { g[u] = g[u] || function() { (g[u].q = g[u].q || []).push(arguments) }; p = i.createE…
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