Use the following to help identify your own Lightworker gifts and talents—and those of your loved ones, too. Enjoy the included suggestions and ideas for inspiration on what to gift your tribe this holiday season!

Lightworkers are mystical beings awakening humanity in either a past, current or future lifetime. Lightworkers on this Earth plane at this time have a specific purpose of using knowledge of healing to teach, counsel, write, heal, and enlighten others. There is an appreciation for synchronicity, number codes, and ancient languages as an integral part of our understanding of how other dimensions operate. They have the experience of transmuting through dreams, interdimensional slippage, time fluctuations, flashbacks, or traveling to the astral planes across the universe during sleep. Lightworkers have opened their third eye, or their psychic sight, to see beyond the physical realm of reality.

Here are a few of the types of Lightworkers… which one, or ones, call the most to you? Recognize descriptors that fit your friends and family? Enjoy reviewing the following list as well as the editorial team’s suggested Lightworker Gift Guide to show your love and appreciation for the Lightworkers in your life this season!

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