“The idea is not to live forever, but to (co-)create something that will.” - Andy Warhol

We talk a lot about co-creation here at New Earth Almanac. The concept comes from the awareness that our strengths are better together than isolated and alone. The "old earth" template we were taught was to "hustle" and find self-mastery for self-gain. Many of us found that in attempting to live this way, we were stressed beyond belief, worn out, constantly feeling anxious, and really quite disconnected and lonely despite being online and busy with meeting the demands of life every moment of the day.

For those in the healing and spiritual community, many of us found that operating in the old way made it virtually impossible to thrive. Not only did we need to perfect our talents and gifts for the best outcomes of our clients and communities, we also had to learn how to run businesses and offices, create web sites, do sales, marketing, and PR for ourselves, navigate taxes and licensing, and step into the muck of social media just to be "discovered" by the right people who we could help and who could help us in return—all while trying to balance home and family lives at the same time.

Ironically, while the events of 2020 were designed to keep us further apart, in fear, and dependent on external sources of power rather than claiming our own, we woke up. We started to see the world for what it is: a game controlled by global usurpers who wish to demote humanity in favor of technology and profits. The Almanac itself was born from both the loss and opportunity created by Operation COVID. Something Marci and I missed the most during this time was the ability to sit in sacred circle. When the world was turning upside down, the gift of sitting in community with youth and elders, mystics, healers, artists, yogis, leaders, and more was where we wanted to be to receive wisdom, reassurance, and inspiration to keep going. When we sit in circle, we tap into a collective power that blesses and benefits all participants. It is a co-created healing experience. When we expand beyond sharing our stories to applying the circle metaphor and co-creation to the collective, we activate a new and more harmonious way to live human life.

Inspired by this, the New Earth mindset is much more about embracing the fact that our individual and collective prosperity is found through cooperation and the application of our gifts in a way that creates something even bigger than what we might be able to accomplish on our own. When we show up in our strengths and apply them in service to one another for a common goal—such as publishing a beautiful and highly conscious publication—we have the potential to co-create something that might just live forever and help to inform generations to come.

When our first issue debuted in June 2021, we presented our attempt at "bottling up" the experience of sitting in circle. Now, nearly two years later, with almost 15 issues published, the New Earth Almanac is built on the New Earth spirit of co-creation. Through conscientious editing, proofreading, layout design, printing, and marketing, what we offer is a collective home base, housing transformation for those who may not consider themselves writers but have so much wisdom to share. In return, the collective contributes content and subscribes to offer their support; some faithfully purchase every single print issue, others are stepping up to resell the Almanac to their tribe, and many help spread the word about our good work far and wide.

We're looking to welcome home other co-creators of the New Earth. Are you serious like we are about building the world we wish to live in? Are you one of us—a student of life? Could you use camaraderie to help get your message, teaching, or stories out there? Join us in the circle, and let's continue to co-create a beautiful future for one another.

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Kirem Marnett, MAOM is co-founder and editorial director of New Earth Almanac. When her acupuncture practice was forced to close, she put down her needles, picked up the pen and hasn't looked back. Connect with Kirem and the editorial team at [email protected].