A reader recently submitted an inquiry to have us help identify a crystal she had in her collection. This was the beauty Almanac co-founder and Crystal Reiki Master Marci Lingelbach quickly recognized! Curious about any crystals in your collection? Send your inquiries to us at [email protected] and yours could be featured next!

Peacock Ore is named for its resemblance to gorgeous peacock feathers. This vibrant stone carries a happy-go-lucky energy. It brings more joy to our lives along with a desire to laugh and be free. This cloak of high vibe energy is a protection from negativity. It is also said to be one of the strongest healing stones in the mineral kingdom.

Peacock Ore comes in a raw form, encased with iridescent metallic colors. The flashy colors of deep blue, pink, purple, and yellow are only on the outside, a tarnish if you will. And the name, Peacock Ore, is really just a great name for marketing purposes. The actual crystal is Chalcopyrite or Bornite. Peacock Ore can be found in many places, with high concentrations found in Mexico, Peru, Morocco, and Arizona.

The essence of the stone is very uplifting. It channels happiness to yourself and others while carrying a lightness that is refreshing and hopeful. It is sometimes referred to as a stone of enlightenment. It helps you forget your troubles and just see the good around you. So if you want to relax and feel worry-free, sit with this beautiful stone and absorb what it is radiating out. This is definitely a great crystal for anyone who suffers with anxiety.

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