What can I do to change the world? Just me, one small fish in a very big sea. What can I do? How can I be better? How can I contribute to a greater society?

Many of us feel that this is a defining time in our journey. The stakes feel higher than ever. As a whole we suddenly have so much to gain and so much to lose.

The needed change starts with ourselves. It starts with a personal commitment to be better. A commitment to strive for our own excellence. One way to do this is to unplug from the system that wants us uninformed. The system that wants us to just be one of the masses. Take yourself out of that resonance. Tune into and embrace the energy that you want to not only attract, but to embody.

Some want us out of shape and sick; we need to be fit and healthy.

Some want us to hate each other, live in fear, and cancel each other; we need to love, live in peace, and build each other up.

Some want us unaware and gullible; we need to be aware and intelligent.

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