Being Pisces Season and in flow with our Winter Spiritual Journal's focus on "Relating in the New Earth", one of the most important relationships we have is the one with ourselves and how we express who we are! For Self-Care Sunday, enjoy Angela's inspiration to connect with your own weirdo-within and see where she/he guides you today!

You’re a weirdo and I’m not……………….or am I?

So often we think we’re special or different, but everyone has quirks, though not always outwardly shared or made obvious.

It’s the ridiculous part of ourselves that we often suppress or won’t look at with kind eyes, hiding from the reality or thinking we should change. Knowing these flaws, quirks, eccentricities, or conditions give us insight into our true nature, finding our joy and an opportunity to embrace what a f*ing-nothing-special-unique-special weirdo we all are, really! (The contradictions in that statement were intentional.)

Maybe you can wiggle your ears like me? Maybe you have a weird habit like not letting your food touch like my grandpa did? Maybe you only wear yellow shoes?  Maybe you dance around the house to operatic tunes? Maybe you put mayo on your grilled cheese? Maybe you like three ice cubes in your filtered, structured water?  Maybe you always wear a hat?

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