using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive

Intuition was best described to me as the “knowing” that is activated deep, deep within your cellular body. We are all born with it. For someone like me I described mine as being turned way up. I’ve spent the last 11 years devoting the work personally to best utilize it professionally in order to help others. I am a psychic and a medium. My psychic gift enables me to get access to past energetic experiences and I can also be described as a remote viewer for future experiences. The mediumship is my ability to connect with spirits that have crossed. Both of these gifts come directly from my God-given intuitive ability. The more I work with and harness this gift, the more clear I am about the energy exchange that is happening when I read for a client. I am accessing each individual’s energy field that I am reading for and the exchange we are sharing is only possible as a direct result of being allowed into it. This is the direct link to Divine Source, the God of your understanding, the universe, your guides and loved ones. This is where they are always communicating with you. That is your intuition. That is your knowing. For some it is loud and easy to access. For others it might be a quiet whisper. But it is always there.

When conducting my psychic work, I am allowed the precious gift of tuning in to your energetic path the most beautiful magnification occurs. What I am channeling is a deeper connection to your own energy. Your life path—the life path of what is fully available to you. By tapping into this frequency you are able to elevate your own timeline. One of my taglines is  “everything is energy”. Because it is. Every particle of who we are and every aspect of what we do is energy. Intuition is energy in its highest form. To work with an intuitive is simply to work with an energetic amplifier of your own energetic frequency or field.

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