For Self-Care Sunday today, tend to one of the most vital elements on the planet: Water. Use the following tips excerpted from Veronica's article in our Spring edition to help you develop your relationship with the waters today.

Water. Most of us use it everyday with nary a second thought. It cleanses us, nourishes us and gives us Life. Without it, Life is not. But, as more people are realizing, water that is consciously engaged with is a whole different kind of experience. It’s magnetic, electromagnetic and can heal our spirit and our broken hearts. It can also inspire us and teach us more about who we are as humans on this Earth walk.

Honoring the presence of Water

Every time you are around water, acknowledge it in some way. Either quietly, vocally, by touch or receiving it into your body (morning coffee and tea included!). Any time you are cleaning, washing dishes or clothes, mopping, even cleaning your commode, realize how much the presence of water has to do with the flow in your Life. Thank it. Just observe your energy as time goes on. See what opens up in your Life.

Refresh your spirit

When your spirit is feeling down, brokenhearted or disheartened, a good hot bath with mineral salts, heart-opening incense and candles can help reset your spirit to help it work through whatever is troubling you. It won’t necessarily take away the problem, but it will soften, Lighten and help nurture you as you walk through difficult journeys. It is a guide and a friend. It gives pause, peace and rest. Even while out and about during your day, wetting your hands in the bathroom sink and flicking the water into your energy field can help you release troubling thoughts and any energy that may have “velcroed” to your energy after disruptions of the day. It’s a fast way to clear your energy field. The Maori use water in their deep healing work to break the connection between the one doing the healing and the client receiving it. They just take a big handful of blessed water and throw it on you! Pretty startling, but the effect is real.

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