Thank you to those who participated in our online polls to share with us who you consider New Earth Warriors! Kirem has included readings from your suggestions as well as those compiled by the Editorial Team. As a primer and helpful overview of the different Soul Sign realms, check out Kirem’s article “The Seven Realms”.

Mahatma Gandhi

Betta (aka Siamese Fighting Fish) + Plankton, Symbol: Roller Conveyer

The embodiment of the Gentle Warrior, Gandhi’s strong placement in the Water clearly shows his deep connection to the emotional realm. Betta fish are territorial and will fight to the death if their space is invaded. In this way, we can see that Gandhi was willing to sacrifice his life in the fight for his people and the betterment of their country and land. As both a member of the Primordial and Water realms, Plankton underscores Gandhi’s connection to Source as well as a deep emotional sensitivity and ability to serve as a non-violent leader. The Roller Conveyer emphasizes his gift for mobilizing a movement and facilitating change.

Kirem originally wrote about Plankton Soul Animal Wisdom in our debut issue. Read the full article here.

Wonder Woman

Three-headed Dragon + Extra-Terrestrial Crystal

Wonder Woman, who first appeared in DC Comics in the early 1940’s, quickly became a symbol representing the fight for good vs. evil, a common theme for guardian soul Dragon-types. The Three-headed Dragon implies the trifecta of mental, physical and emotional/intuitive powers. Truly the embodiment of the modern-day fearless female, Wonder Woman broke down the “damsel in distress” cliche with storylines that frequently showed her saving herself.  Wonder Woman’s crystalline quality highlights that she is truly, a wonder, and very ahead of her time—her physical composition is beyond carbon and our current comprehension of what makes up the human body and being. It also explains her ability to flirt with invisibility.

Rosa Parks

Parrot Fish + Phoenix

In addition to their sturdy bodies, Parrot Fish conjure up the image of a fish with teeth. Feeding on sharp coral, Parrot fish can eat conflict for breakfast. In essence, don’t mess with this fish, she’s got both grit and a bite! Another Gentle Warrior of the water realm, Rosa fought limitation and injustice with her own non-violent action that sparked national change. There is no mistake in the “rising up” energy of the Phoenix. She was born to handle revolution and is masterful at transmuting her own fire energy (commonly anger) into action, igniting change in her environment.

Rosa Parks shares the Phoenix Soul Animal in common with Nelson Mandela. Check out Kirem’s article, “Make Today a Mandela Day” here.

Joan of Arc

Horned God + Fox, Symbol: Bow & Arrow.

Essentially an archetype in her own right, Joan of Arc could be considered a witch, warrior and a saint. Known for her “visions” which may have contributed to her brilliance on the battlefield, she was also known to regularly invoke Archangel Michael for guidance and protection. The classically Wiccan symbol for masculinity known as the Horned God in her Soul House, explains her comfort with and inclination to war and the physically demanding aspects of warriorship. As a Fox, she knew both the arts of camouflage and seduction; which enabled her to charm her way into many alliances along the way, aiding in securing her legacy as both a hero of France and a saint. Interestingly, the contour of the drawn Bow & Arrow combined suggest the profile shape of the breast—the epitome of the feminine warrior archetype where her cause is deeply embedded within her heart.

Rose McGowan

Caiman + Stallion, Reincarnation: The Black Dahlia

More aggressive and armored than an Alligator, but packed in a body 1/7 the size, Caimans are a ferocious, fast and well-rounded Warrior symbol. With her shaved head and GI Jane-like image, actress-turned-activist Rose McGowan fully embodies her inner Warrioress. Her cause? Unmasking and revealing the dark, predatory nature behind Hollywood controllers and the political elite. Stallions represent the divine masculine qualities of fearlessness, loyalty and devotion to a cause. In Rose’s case, she has focused her efforts on the Me Too movement and supporting gay rights, among many others. Stallions also possess strong sexual energy and magnetism. There is something powerful in seeing Rose connected to the legend of The Black Dahlia—a famous unsolved mystery in Los Angeles centering around the murder of an up-and-coming actress in 1947. The gruesome nature of the crime, which included mutilation of the corpse, has haunted the city for most of a century. With her dark hair and entrancing eyes, there are some similarities between the Black Dahlia victim Elizabeth Short and Rose McGowan based on appearance. Interesting to note, as there are no coincidences, only synchronicities—that Short was originally from Boston and McGowan is fanatical about Boston Terriers, advocating and supporting various rescue organizations. Could Rose McGowan’s activism be enacting revenge on behalf of the legendary Black Dahlia?

Ricky Gervais

Ostrich + Dolphin

Ostrich folk are typically grounded realists, skeptical of “fanciful” ideas. If they’re spiritually mature and have their egos in check, a great field of talent opens for them when they embrace their gifted ability to poke fun at themselves first, rather than at others. (They do have innate talent for comedy… have you seen an Ostrich run?) Immensely capable at “holding their ground,” Ostrich types defy bullies with their classical “bird” faculties of intellect and wit. Ricky’s ability to “stuff it” to the Hollywood elite in his hilarious yet razor sharp truth telling as host of the Golden Globes (watch video here), perfectly demonstrates the highest manifestations of Ostrich standing in their talents and power. The lesson Ostrich teaches us is that “holding our ground” may be one of the most effective forms of non-violent warriorship available to every human being when heart and cause are aligned. Dolphins almost immediately bring smiles to human faces. With behaviors so similar to our own, we find them immediately relatable and magnetic. Dolphin types are born performers but maintain a good perspective on life, keeping priorities such as family and friends in front of fortune and fame.

Russell Brand

Nurse Shark +  Baby Elephant, Archetype: Ascension Activator

Actor/entertainer turned Kundalini Yoga instructor and YouTuber, Russell Brand is an excellent Warrior in disguise. One of the top five most lethal sharks in the US, most consider the Nurse Shark more benign than they really are, likely due to its disarming name. Similar to his Soul Animal, Russell may fly under the radar but he actually brings legitimacy to the Warrior poses he teaches from his yoga mat. Like all sharks who have a keen sense of smell, Russell was most likely motivated to step out as a critic during the pandemic under the stealthy guise of his slacker/hippie image because he knew that something about what’s been going on in our world smelled…well, fishy. The Baby Elephant in him symbolizes that he is an authentic student of ancient wisdom and suggests the path of enlightenment. As an Ascension Activator, Russell has specific gifts to bring though to help uplift the planet and assist in waking people up to the realities taking place today. He is a prime example of the emerging New Earth divine masculine Warrior-type.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Grizzly Bear + Symbol: Submarine

Only controversial to those who oppose freedom of speech and wish to prevent the people from questioning or holding our governments accountable to unconscionable acts against  humanity, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is one of the heroes of the New Earth movement in regards to health freedom and the pursuit of truth. His incredible, yet widely “banned” book investigating the 40 year reign of Dr. Anthony Fauci at the helm of our nation’s “healthcare” system, is a damning expose of the atrocities committed around the world by our own government in collusion with profit-seeking pharmaceutical companies as well as eugenicist billionaires posing as philanthropists. The Submarine is fitting because in reading his book, it’s immediately apparent that while most of us went on lockdown and engaged in various forms of self-soothing to survive the pandemic, RFK Jr. got to work—in stealth mode. The product of countless hours of investigation of legal, medical and scientific evidence, The Real Anthony Fauci, serves as his piercingly accurate and highly calculated torpedo attack—and may also prove to be the most important book of a generation. RFK, Jr’s courage to speak out and hold his ground despite mainstream media’s propaganda backlash (in coordination with the very same companies and organizations he’s exposed and criticized) is epitomized by the ferocity of the Grizzly Bear which commands wisdom, authority and respect.

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