Thank you to those who participated in our online polls to share with us who you consider New Earth Warriors! Kirem has included readings from your suggestions as well as those compiled by the Editorial Team. As a primer and helpful overview of the different Soul Animal realms, check out Kirem’s article “The Seven Realms”.

Mahatma Gandhi

Betta (aka Siamese Fighting Fish) + Plankton, Symbol: Roller Conveyer

The embodiment of the Gentle Warrior, Gandhi’s strong placement in the Water clearly shows his deep connection to the emotional realm. Betta fish are territorial and will fight to the death if their space is invaded. In this way, we can see that Gandhi was willing to sacrifice his life in the fight for his people and the betterment of their country and land. As both a member of the Primordial and Water realms, Plankton underscores Gandhi’s connection to Source as well as a deep emotional sensitivity and ability to serve as a non-violent leader. The Roller Conveyer emphasizes his gift for mobilizing a movement and facilitating change.

Kirem originally wrote about Plankton Soul Animal Wisdom in our debut issue. Read the full article here.

Wonder Woman

Three-headed Dragon + Extra-Terrestrial Crystal

Wonder Woman, who first appeared in DC Comics in the early 1940’s, quickly became a symbol representing the fight for good vs. evil, a common theme for guardian soul Dragon-types. The Three-headed Dragon implies the trifecta of mental, physical and emotional/intuitive powers. Truly the embodiment of the modern-day fearless female, Wonder Woman broke down the “damsel in distress” cliche with storylines that frequently showed her saving herself.  Wonder Woman’s crystalline quality highlights that she is truly, a wonder, and very ahead of her time—her physical composition is beyond carbon and our current comprehension of what makes up the human body and being. It also explains her ability to flirt with invisibility.

Rosa Parks

Parrot Fish + Phoenix

In addition to their sturdy bodies, Parrot Fish conjure up the image of a fish with teeth. Feeding on sharp coral, Parrot fish can eat conflict for breakfast. In essence, don’t mess with this fish, she’s got both grit and a bite! Another Gentle Warrior of the water realm, Rosa fought limitation and injustice with her own non-violent action that sparked national change. There is no mistake in the “rising up” energy of the Phoenix. She was born to handle revolution and is masterful at transmuting her own fire energy (commonly anger) into action, igniting change in her environment.

Rosa Parks shares the Phoenix Soul Animal in common with Nelson Mandela. Check out Kirem’s article, “Make Today a Mandela Day” here.

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