This weekend warm yourself with these delicious fall/winter recipes from our amazing contributors! Start your morning with a hot Matcha Latte, revive your afternoon with warming Masala Chai, nourish yourself with Gourmet Mushroom Risotto for supper, and end your day with a relaxing, heart opening cup of hot Cacao!

Matcha Latte Recipe
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
Masala Chai & Latte Recipe
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
Gourmet Mushroom Risotto Recipe
As a child of the 60s in the rural Northeast, I (along with my peers) assumed that all dishes involving mushrooms (think tuna noodle casserole) came only from cans. The first time I tasted this risotto was such a revelation that it still ranks alongside my discoveries of homemade refried
Ceremonial Cacao Recipe
’Tis the season for gathering with open hearts! If ceremonial cacao is calling to you, here is a single serving recipe perfect for Self-Care Sunday. Shared by senior contributing writer, Lori Bradford Miles it’s a BONUS to her latest piece in our NEW Winter Spiritual Journal, “Cacao Ceremony: The Ar…