Dear New Earthlings,

We profile Simone Biles’ Soul Animal Couplet this issue, and from the moment I tuned in on the lessons her story was modeling for humanity around honoring the “small voice” (and facing down detractors that wanted to dissuade her from doing so) I’m reminded that we each have a small voice to listen to inside. Fittingly, the editorial team received a soft and gentle nudge in late July—one that guided us to hold back on delivering an August issue in favor of allowing more space to cultivate the version of the Almanac we’ve been dreaming of. I’m so proud of our team for heeding the wisdom to follow the small voice. Because we chose to listen, we’re honored to share that we’ve expanded the Almanac three-fold. In addition to our full-color PDF, subscribers can now view the Almanac online at our brand new web portal ( which offers both a daily emailed option as well as voiced-over versions of each and every story coming out this month. With readers now able to subscribe on a monthly or annual basis too, we look forward to continuing to bring the fresh, intelligent voices of New Earth co-creators to your eyes and ears, every day. Thank you for your support!


New Earth Almanac Editorial Circle

Kirem Marnett, Managing Editor

Marci Lingelbach, Social Media & Special Projects Editor

Kailee Lingelbach, Copyeditor

Geoff Visgilio, Editor-at-Large

Lori Bradford Miles, Guest Contributing Editor

Eileen Bray, Voice Over Artist

Michael Lott, Podcast Consultant

Alan Marnett, Website Consultant

‌‌Additional Contributors

Jenn Franklin

Ariana Hodes

Sonia Fernández LeBlanc

Sharon Lynch

Jan Mahloch

Veronica O’Grady

Jeremy Ryan

Andy Sudbrock

Birdie Todd

May Wild

Suzie Kerr Wright

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