For a lot of us (especially the very empathic) saying just two little letters forming one small word can be scarier to express than the thought of climbing Mt. Everest free-solo. Let’s demystify, and at the same time, intentionally restore sacredness around this very little but potent word.

To understand “No,” we have to understand “Yes.” Yes is the creative force. It is the light in all of us that seeks union and understanding. The will of the Universe is aligned with Yes, infinitely creating and expanding. It is the great enabler. “No,” in stark contrast to this great positivity party, is what we’ve come to think of as the big dream killer, the critic and cynic, the non-believer. Most of us don’t really like contradicting the flow. So we instinctively label those who do as selfish, judgmental “naysayers”.

What is true is that “No” is disabling. It blocks and stops the flow of energy. It limits things — including “Yesses” that might not really be serving any particular good anymore. It blocks excess and stops energy leaks. It shores up resources so they can be saved and put in storage for later use. It lays down boundaries to keep everyone safe. It protects what’s yours without having to take from another.

Restoring neutrality to the power of “No” brings us automatically into balance with natural law, and therefore the governing forces of the New Earth. Night opposes day, but the sun does not judge the moon, nor overtake it when it is her time to shine. The same relationship applies to the forces of Yin and Yang — the symbols unapologetically oppose each other, yet their simple coexistence defines divine balance. Saying “No” is healthy. It ensures natural law is observed and followed. Sacred No’s are a sign of respect — for self and for others.

When you need time alone to rest and recharge, “No” becomes a Sacred Yes, to you. When you know inside that you can’t keep up with an obligation, saying “No” is a Sacred Yes — because you’re choosing to honor mutual respect. Both respect for the person or people who have asked you for the commitment and for yourself in honoring your truth. In fact, your “No” is actually a gift because it aligns with the truth and balance of the situation.

Where can you begin to apply the rule of Sacred No in order to yield more Sacred Yesses in your life? Journal your findings and share your inspirations with us on Facebook today!

Kirem Marnett is the original author of The Empath Almanac, which inspired this publication.