Several years ago my dear cousin, Tom, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. His oncologist recommended immediate extensive surgery. Before agreeing to the surgery, Tom wanted to come to Nashville's Vanderbilt Medical Center for a second opinion.

He spent several days undergoing more tests and meeting with a team of cancer specialists at Vanderbilt. Once that was done, he and his wife just wanted to relax, breathe slowly and enjoy visiting with his Nasvhille family.

Tom's favorite country music artist was Alan Jackson. At that time, Alan lived in a rural community of Franklin, TN. His spectacular southern plantation-style home was inspired by Tara from Gone With the Wind. The home and surrounding 135 acres made quite an impressive show. I secretly love being a tour guide and had toured other visitors by Jackson’s estate many times before.

But this time was different! Just as I pulled up to the front of the plantation, the very large iron entry gates slowly opened. A classic Ford F-150 gradually eased forward. Behind the wheel was a man wearing a light colored, Stetson hat. As he cleared the gate, he glanced our way and gave the touch-index-finger-to-hat-brim wave accompanied by a friendly wide grin!!

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