As August draws to a close, we move into Virgo season (August 23–September 22). Golden sunlight spills across late summer afternoons (in the Northern Hemisphere). The temperature slowly begins to drop each day and soon it will be autumn. Not surprisingly, Virgo is associated with the harvest since this is the time of year historically when wheat would be gathered from the fields.

As the sixth sign of the Zodiac, Virgo is an earth sign associated with health, our daily life, and small animals. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is typically very analytical, methodical, and careful—Virgo’s tagline is “I analyze” for good reason. Virgo can get in the weeds, poring over spreadsheets, alphabetizing or color-coding their book collection, or picking apart all the minutiae of a decision. This innate need for order is another hallmark of Virgo: perfectionism. If taken too far, this perfectionism can morph into nit-picky criticism, both of themselves and of others. A Virgo may find themselves fretting a lot from all that nervous energy.

Yet Virgo is also known as The Healer. This may manifest as a focus on health and wellness, perhaps even working in a health-related profession. It’s not unusual to find a Virgo surrounded by houseplants or out puttering in the garden (possibly pulling weeds with delight, satisfying that need for order!). Virgo loves to be of service, whether that is through the healing arts or simply helping a friend in need. Their desire for order and perfection doesn’t just soothe their frayed nerves, it also helps to heal those around them—as long as it doesn’t tip over into criticism.

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