By Tara Kimes

Taking ownership of your worth as a woman is a radical step, especially when economic worth has been historically altered, measured, and defined by men. Nowadays it’s more and more common to hear women proclaiming themselves Queens and Empresses, reclaiming power in a more feminine, nurturing way. The Empress is a figure in the tarot who’s exciting to look at because she helps us uncover an ancient, almost forgotten sense of worthiness which is inherently connected to fertility, our mother line, and the earth.

The first thing to understand about the Empress is her sacred connection to the planet Venus. The idea of planetary ‘energies’ dates back to when planets were worshiped as deities. In Roman mythology Venus was a goddess of beauty and love, and in Greek mythology she was known as Aphrodite. Aside from the Moon and Earth, Venus is the most feminine planet and it’s said that while a woman with strong Moon energy is like milk—sweet and nurturing, a woman with strong Venus energy is like ice cream—delicious and decadent. Venus energies  inherently carry the qualities of beauty, radiance, and magnetism. When we’re tapped into a  Venus frequency we walk with gentleness and slowness. We exude harmony, creativity, appreciation for art, and peace.

We’re open to pleasure, luxury, romance, and playfulness.

In the Druidcraft deck, the Empress card shows a Venus of Willendorf statue, a tiny limestone figurine of a woman’s body. These were common in ancient times, and were powerful fertility symbols, depicting a woman’s body as curvy and voluptuous. Interestingly, people didn’t have mirrors back then. Could it be that these little figurines were the ‘selfies’ of 20,000 years ago, indicating that body positivity was alive and well in ancient times?

The Empress is deeply connected to the earth and nature’s elements, cycles, and seasons. Most Empress cards show a river symbolizing the need to flow with the current of what’s choosing you in life, what wants you and values you. In other words, don’t push the river! The Empress is generally depicted as being pregnant, which brings to mind all aspects of birth–being birthed, giving birth, returning to our mother or examining our relationship with our mother, and noticing how we mother ourselves.

Here is a breakdown of Empress symbols that can be contemplated as indicators of a woman’s worth:

Plants– Plants indicate nurturing life force, and having patience for the organic process of things growing and blooming in your life. If you are being patient with yourself, you are certainly respecting your inner Empress!

Crops– Crops symbolize what we’re growing, specifically what we’re giving nourishment to and in the end what will nourish us back. Crops are a sign of our harvest, our abundance, and our sustenance. You can get in touch with this by counting your blessings each day and recognizing the good things in your life that are blooming, no matter how small!

Crown– The Empress’s crown symbolizes self-love, radical self-acceptance, and belonging.  A crown can be a symbol of a victory, or powerful event in your life when you felt honored. Whether you’re wearing the financial crown of getting your material needs met, or the loving crown of self-care and owning your own pleasure, validate your inner Empress by wearing that crown proudly!

Pregnancy– Pregnancy symbolizes a state of feeling full and radiant, birthing something, nurturing something, raising something, giving it care, nourishing it, being slow and conscious with it, and taking your time. Know that this doesn’t have to be a physical pregnancy but could be a conceptual ‘birthing’ of a business or project. The important thing is to celebrate your inner Empress for being a natural creatrix!

River– Rivers symbolize being in the flow, letting things flow to you abundantly, and receiving gifts gracefully. Let your inner Empress fill up with gratitude, then pour fourth from the river, and stay devoted to the current. An Empress doesn’t chase, but receives and indulges in what wants her. She reminds us we are worth the experience of being desired and luxuriating in it! We can start by desiring ourself!

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