Today, get to know Michigan-based contributor Mari Dew and learn about her new book 40mantras40days, out now!

Mari, tell us a little about you and how NEA crossed your path?

I consider myself to be a shapeshifter of sorts. I spent the first 30 years of my career behind the scenes as part of the “musical industrial complex” (aka the Music Business), prior to becoming a yoga teacher a decade ago … and then a circle facilitator … and a shamanic teacher … and a music artist/producer … and most recently a radio DJ on the #1 morning show in Northern Michigan, The Omelette and Finster Show on The Rock Station KLT. I have been aware of NEA since its inception, inspired by the soul journey of its wonderful co-founder Kirem Marnett, with whom I graduated from Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. The timing for this beautiful, insightful and mind-expanding publication could not be better! The time of A New Earth is upon us!

Mari, we're so excited about your new book. Tell us about it and the process of bringing it out into the world!

My new book (my first) 40mantras40days was inspired by the 40-day video practice that I published to MariDewTube (my YouTube channel leading up to the Summer Solstice 2021. For me, the pandemic and lockdowns of 2020 were a creative catalyst that allowed me to go inside and share my love of mantras with the world! Since then I have released three albums (and three additional instrumental versions of the albums), following the advice of my beloved Dr Wayne Dyer: “Don’t die with your music still inside of you.” During this time, I also led six online 40-day practices (of which this series of mantras was the fifth). I have always dreamed of writing a book, and this seemed like a great opportunity to bring mantra to the masses. I call it the first of my “little books of inspiration,” designed with beginners in mind.

What excites you about co-creating the New Earth and why is it important to you?

How exciting is it that we are truly standing on the precipice of the New Earth right here in this moment? The awakening of the past few years has been turbulent and intense for me on the one hand, and yet smooth and natural on the other hand … a true testimonial to the wisdom of surrendering that which we cannot control.  What we can control lies within ourselves first and foremost and then vibrates out to our closest family and friends and to our communities. Never has it been more clear to me that the answer as to how we get through this is to focus on what is right in front of us in this moment and surround ourselves with like-minded souls.  When we match each other in a high vibration and co-create, we collectively are exponentially more powerful and capable of achieving stellar results and feats of nature, including miracles. As scary and overwhelming as the matrix can be, wow does it feel like a gift to witness it crumbling in our lifetime! Always remember, these things get louder and crazier before they dismantle and dissolve … we will get through this together!

What are you most thankful for?

I am most thankful to be back to basics, living on the land in Northern Michigan on a 5-acre wooded property that I call “The Zen Ranch” with my boyfriend and our three dogs and building our dreams amidst the chaos of the world around us.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

When I was in high school, I remember my Dad telling me to enjoy life, because it goes faster and faster as you get older. It took me years to realize how right he was about this, and I will always cherish his insight. Presence! This moment is all we have … be here now!

Where or how do you find it easiest to connect with the sacred, with spirit, etc. on a daily basis?

Where would I be without my daily rituals? I am coming up on Day 600 of a 1000-day Daily Breathwork practice (Wim Hof Breathing) that I began on December 1, 2021! I look forward to this practice every day, and it keeps me grounded, balanced and centered. I also greet the 7 Directions every morning when I feed the dogs, which is a wonderful way to stay connected with the land, the woods, the 4 elements and our little family. And I have an old school cast iron claw foot tub (no shower), and so baths are pretty-much a daily ritual as well and a chance to connect with the water element and let it all go on a daily basis! Release it to the water!

Thanks so much, Mari!

Mari Dew is a circle facilitator and a teacher of yoga-shamanism-meditation-breathwork, as well as a music producer and sound healer. She works with individuals, families and groups of all types, guiding them to the path of the heart and soul. Her new album TRINITY, is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and all major digital outlets worldwide. Learn more at and follow @MariDewYoga on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify.