Something we've been hearing a lot lately in our Contributor Circle is how much FUN we're all having co-creating the New Earth Almanac together! Whether that's the upcoming Summer print edition, or the Daily Devotional email you're reading right now; we're having a ball! As a reader, have you wondered what it might be like to jump in the circle yourself? We'd love to pass the talking stick to you! Hear below directly from our contributors--a couple just got started working with us, the rest have been contributing for longer or even from the very beginning! Curious to find out what the fun is all about? Check out our Contributor Guidelines or send us an email at [email protected] today!

This co-creative process felt much more like play than like work! Like creative volleyball or snowman building, or something like that. :) For me my first experience has been: 1. Extra fun! = The encouragement to contribute has inspired a flow of creativity after 3 years of creative 'death' and I felt safe from ridicule or judgement as I shared my preliminary idea. 2. Joyous co-creative fun! = As NEA helped build a story around my thoughts and shared it back – beautifully and gently developed – I was energized to polish it up and also to consider the possibility of creative writing again after many, many years of silence." - Paula Hawley
"Co-creating with the NEA these past two years has been so much fun because it's like a game of 'tag-you're-it' but with a magical ping pong ball that spreads glitter everywhere and not in a messy way, but more of an 'everyone needs more sparkle' experience. The old 'hustle and grind' becomes inspiration and flow as we mirror in the process of offering Divinely guided content with the intention of working together to create a better way of existing – buttons that sometimes light up, sometimes push-a-button in us to stretch our perception, sometimes freak-out and sometimes bring just the message needed on a given day, all needed, all part of the co-creation of a New Earth." - Angela Morris
"First – it's nice having other people respond to things I write! We all like this, of course. Receiving feedback that one's work positively impacts folks, helps them think differently, align better, etc., is very affirming. For the collaborative process of editing, I enjoy the 'carving out' that happens when we take a 1600-word blog post and select, say, two points to hone to an 800-word message. It can help me clarify my own ideas and my own use of language. Additionally, working with other people is very life-affirming for me; playing off of other people's word choices and sense of key points (that I may not have even noticed in my own writing) is a joyous process for me that brings greater energy and dynamism to the writing process. I like the feedback and how things get cut and come back. It's a lot like gardening/growth/earth-life energy." - Becky Leigh
"Meeting up with the co-creators at NEA so soon after moving to Nashville is surely a gift from God. Working on my first article for the New Earth Almanac has been a revelation. Somehow, the deadline felt light and breezy: a new experience for me. I could truly feel the love and support in my writing process. Even the editing process was a blast, what! There is so much positive energy to enjoy focussing on the solution, and on the shared vision of the New Earth: of self-healing and healthy communities. Those at NEA live those values and I am so grateful to play alongside them on this adventure into the future." - Onyx Hartwell

Ready to start writing with NEA? Come join the fun! Send us an email at [email protected] to get started right away.

We can't wait to co-create with you!

Paula Hawley is a modern-day polymath based in Nashville, TN.  Embracing exploration with an "all-in" attitude is her approach to living a fulfilling life. Paula has achieved a level of expertise as a musician, homeopath, perfumer, massage therapist, sound healer, renovator, landscaper and researcher, and loves applying her skills to help raise the vibration as we transition to a New Earth.

Angela Morris is a Harmony Catalyst, Conscious Truther and Energy Worker. She helps people shift their subconscious to live more meaningful, fearless and divinely-sovereign lives. Find her on Instagram @theangelamorris.

Becky Leigh is a grower of plants, kundalini yoga instructor, storyteller, and homeschooling parent. Individual sovereignty / radical responsibility. We all have the right and ability to heal. Find her online at

Onyx Hartwell is a writer, playwright, comedy improviser, house whisperer, life coach, hypnotherapist… A seeker seeking. A theme in all her work is the addiction to victimhood and the journey to self responsibility. Onyx is also a conciliatory contrarian. Yes, that is as hard to be as it sounds. Onyx moved to Europe from Canada in 2009, with ne'er a thought that she would ever ever live in the US of A, let alone in the Southern climes of Nashville, TN. Let Freedom Ring. Find her online at