Most people can’t handle the truth, so lies are part of a self-defense, a self-protection mechanism that shields us for our own good because we don’t know yet what we don’t know—and that goes for everyone. The truth is we live in an inverted reality, a place of deep deception, illusion, smoke and mirrors. This inversion is based on beliefs that were passed down to us or learned from societal engineering. To find discernment is to realize just because we may believe strongly about something doesn’t make it true. Truth is rooted in knowing or gnosis, belief is often part of a lie, as is the word “lie” is within the very word be-lie-f.

Belief keeps us safe, like a snake before shedding its skin to step into a new version of itself. It shields us until we are ready or brave enough to look at new information that contradicts current beliefs.

Just as society as a whole condemns truth, so will the individual recipient of new information often laugh and ridicule those who share truths that go against what they thought was true, what may be accepted as truth by the masses, or what seems scary or hard to understand at first. Denial is a forward moving step towards realizing a new truth, however, because at that point a seed of information has already been planted in the subconscious.

The subconscious drives choices. This is how we are programmed at a young age and often why we start to experience turmoil, stress, or problems as we grow older because these programs are not in alignment with our true self, but are from societal and parental programming that is a construct created to contain you, a matrix. This matrix will contain you until you and you alone decide to break free and learn to program yourself by stepping into your sovereign soul instead of trusting in outer authority, which is an intentional savior programming matrix configuration.

By heightening your awareness, doing the inner work (especially shadow work), and being willing to look at difficult information presented, you begin the process of awakening to truth. When we each continue to do the work to address our beliefs, illuminate our subconscious, and recognize our patterns and emotional triggers, we increase our ability to discern, our desire to seek truth and in turn, step into greater individuation, self-realization, and sovereignty.

Most people are not willing to do this because to do this invites in enemies, aloneness, discomfort, and pain. As such, people even awake to some truths on some level, but continue to lie to themselves and others. They fear confrontation and lower themselves to accommodate others from being offended or triggered. It’s easier than standing in knowing, but on the other side of making a stand is freedom, courage and peace, and this is a different kind of love—it’s the most real.

The malaise, melancholy, apathy, numbness and confusion rampant in our society is because on the soul level, everyone knows something is deeply wrong. It is so wrong, in fact, that to face it is so terrifying that people will defend, numb, or ignore the very thing they fear. To face this truth comes with a burden in a way, a responsibility of the most-high to maintain and honor. It comes with a knowing that one must take hold of self-responsibility and find bravery to look at how we each played a part in the illusion, the lie…in essence our shadow must be acknowledged.

There is a quote that says, “the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off,” and this is how it usually goes during the uncovering of the hidden aspects of ourselves and our reality.

Sometimes people will seek information and come to find and accept certain undeniable truths while still defending a certain topic they are unwilling to really look at because to admit means admitting living a lie. To admit this is difficult, as with it may come loss of relationships and a death of a part of ourselves and the way we used to be, to live, that up until that moment of revelation seemed OK. The first step to being freed by truth is this acknowledgement, for you cannot fully know truth if you cannot fully accept the lie(s) once believed. To accept this is humbling, a death of the “false” ego so that a healthy individuation of ego can live (which is important to our wholeness despite the new age deception that wants you to completely void yourself of ego, which is agenda driven to drive society towards group think, a lack of individuality, a conformist, or a slave mindset). The healthy ego is individuated, it can express freely yet also can recognize its part in the collective, the awe in the greater connection without losing self, which is what we are here in this physical form to experience, to awaken, to bring to light, and to integrate.

To deny some truths is normal, some things take time to see, to unlearn, and some things we just don’t want to admit because we aren’t ready to let go and step into a new belief.  This is truly a never-ending process in soul development as one person doesn’t hold all the answers, but we each have a morsel to bring to the greater puzzle because we are all connected. It is in this connection that mystery lives, the synchronicities, the epiphanies, the magic… no matter how much truth we think we know, there is always mystery waiting to unfold.

Truth is a frequency that aligns with nature, freedom, individuation, self-realization, sovereignty and love in all forms: Divine love, self-love, and love for others.

As Carl Jung said:

“To find out what is truly individual in ourselves, profound reflection is needed; and suddenly we realize how uncommonly difficult the discovery of individuality is. There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

No amount of education, meditation, prayer, reading books, watching TV, listening to music, yoga, fitness, plant medicine, or trusting in any outside system, authority or belief will help you see truth if you are not using your will and intention to discern and seek what is hidden.  This requires an openness to being very uncomfortable as subconscious beliefs rooted from childhood can be difficult to shift at first, but it can be done and gets easier to alchemize with practice.  To step into a life of truth requires growth, evolution and responsibility. The Illusion harvests your energy and resources to feed and profit from, and this is why anything “natural” or nature itself is ultimately demonized—it’s a raping of the human spirit, which is part of nature, of consciousness. What is synthetic, artificial, or inorganic, from pharma to 5G, is profitable for those pulling the strings, but not the victims of its agenda.

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