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In the following Q&A, get to know our Spring issue cover writer, Robbie Michelle Short! A mystic with a Hindu heart, Robbie has been teaching yoga and meditation over 20 years. She is a music lover, self-described wildflower, Reiki Master, and loves leading wellness retreats.

Please give us a little background on yourself. How did New Earth Almanac cross your path and what impression did it leave you with?

I grew up a Church of Christ minister's daughter in the south and the dogmatic teachings didn't always resonate with me so I have been a seeker most of my life. Even though I have a Religious Studies minor in college in Western Religion, I was always drawn to Eastern philosophy and spirituality. I just didn't know where to begin so at a younger age, I started reading about near death experiences and that opened me up to the idea of reincarnation and past lives. When I was a flight attendant and traveling, I loved sitting in cathedrals, temples, and mosques. I found yoga at 26 which opened me up to the energetic world and introduced me to meditation which took my practice deeper. I have now been on the yogic path for 22 years. When I heard about the beginnings of NEA, I knew I wanted to contribute somehow as I knew and respected both Marci and Kirem. Marci was a student of mine and I always loved her sweet spirit and her courage battling cancer. Kirem was someone I had met, talked to, and even fantasized about partnering with somehow. When I saw the request for potential contributors, I decided to take a chance and reach out to them with interest.

I feel the need to teach in various ways. I have received downloads "to get out of the box", and the box is the yoga studio. So since I closed my studio due to Covid, I have tried getting out of my comfort zone to try different avenues. I have been writing, making meditation albums, going online, creating a YouTube Channel displaying my classes as well as conversational content between a Yogi and a Medium called Awakening Soul Truth. I have also been creating day retreats where we can be in nature practicing yoga, meditation, and doing healing rituals. Lastly, I have continued leading yoga retreats around the world. Everyone is always telling me I should write more so teaming with NEA is giving me that outlet. It's exciting to start doing what others have wanted me to do that I never had time for before.

So far, it's been a fun experience. Marci and Kirem are both incredibly supportive. I was overwhelmed at first, yet they assured me it wasn't as taxing as I had previously thought. The process of editing was easier than I imagined. NEA is great with communicating throughout the entire process. I have benefitted from reading their articles, and discovering light workers in this larger community I didn't know about. Everyone has knowledge and experience to share. The daily emails are inspirational and the printed copies of the publication are simply stunning. I love the fact there are no ads and they help promote everyone involved.

What are you most thankful for?

I am most thankful for my innate ability to question things, including the mystery of the universe and the intelligence behind it. I am grateful I found practices I resonate with that have allowed me to decondition from my past and forge my own path. I am thankful to the Nashville community for fostering my spirituality that gave me the courage to open an all-inclusive yoga studio that held a beautiful healing space in the heart of Franklin. I am thankful to those in Franklin who supported the community I built, despite it being in such a conservative Christian area. They embraced me and my teachings which showed me people are open if you speak from your heart and share your soul. I am thankful for my intuition for being strong  enough for me to listen and be fearless in so many decisions I made because it's not easy being an independent contractor and light worker in the Bible Belt. I am thankful for people who show up as Earth Angels at different times in our lives who are of great influence. And I must say I am grateful for my son, my greatest gift and guru. Gabriel has been another one of my angels and a lifeline at times when I felt like giving up.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

One of the best pieces of advice I was given was actually from my dad. He once said in so many words that it's important to take risks. You never know unless you try. I saw him do this many times and it gave me the courage to do the same. Risks can be rewarding regardless if you get the final result you are aiming for.

How do you connect with Spirit on a daily basis?

My way of connecting to Spirit is mainly through the breath whether that's doing yoga asanas, breath work, or sitting to witness it in meditation. Even driving, I find myself returning to my breath so I am not rushed and am appreciating sacred silence more and more as I age.

Thanks so much, Robbie!