This Self-Care Sunday, settle in with our Winter Spiritual Journal cover article, “The Spirit of You Emerging.” Veronica guides us on how to build a new reality starting from within. What part of your spirit is ready to emerge? Enjoy this soul stirring read!

The spirit of you emerging. More powerful than most realize and the very thing that has been targeted, along with your mind, to disempower humanity for much longer than most understand. We all feel it in one way or another—the hit to our well-being, to our psyche, to that which inspires us, moves us and unites us. The air is different now and we can all sense a change coming. It is. No fear though, friend! It’s time for us to build a new reality and the way to start is within. There is a new level of consciousness emerging. If you’re reading this, you’re part of the team or the wave of souls who came here to help through this epic shift. Thank you for showing up! We need each and every one of us, strong and connected in the true Light to move this epic “shift of the ages” forward and upward in vibration.

It’s time to strengthen our spirit and get back in tune with who we are now and what matters to us as we gather and go forward into the new world. It is being created from and is emerging from within our will, vibrational alignments and choices. Beam, friends. Beam up to higher inner vibes every moment you can.

Many of our ancestors faced migrations, changing realities and more. It is now our time to face and embrace a new way of being. We were born for these times, friend. Ready or not, they are here. Breathe, dear friend. Breathe through it all, consciously, deeply and gently. Steady on … and Breathe. A few days ago, this understanding came to me: to strengthen our spirit, we need to be IN nature as much as possible, in the best ways we can manage. Immerse for healing. The quantum aspects of nature literally feed our spirit and strengthen it, making you feel more whole. Keeping windows slightly open (safely, depending upon where you Live), the quantum aspects of the air, like the early morning and evening sun in your eyes, helps regulate your deeper systems and your connection with Creation.

The Old Reality Is Dissolving

As far as strategies and tactics go, breaking the spirit of a horse or any animal makes them easier to control. People are the same way. With clearer eyes now, we can look and see from a more neutral perspective the mechanics that were put in place to disempower and break the spirit and the Life force of humanity for millennia—especially during the last few years. Are you ready to see with deeper eyes?

We are so much more than what we’ve been trained to believe we are, and this epic time on the planet is giving many the opportunity to grow into their deeper relationships with their own soul and directly with Creation consciousness itself. Ready or not, it’s here.

Something to consider—with no blame or judgment while considering this, observe, breathe and see clearly, from as neutral of an inner space as you can, your journey through the last few years of your Life. This can take some effort when triggered, but please keep at it. Be the observer. Maybe use a monthly timeline to softly look at the moments that impacted you deeply. Just observe your body, your mind, your psyche, your emotions, what you miss, what you still dream of manifesting. Breathe and just for a moment or two, be in the energies of what brought you to this moment, here now. Be as neutral as possible.

What gets triggered in you, or what do you notice stirring within you, as you consider the events that have unfolded and those that continue to unfold. Anger? Strength and determination? Fears? Something ancient arising within? Stronger will in new areas, or realizing there are deeper understandings about Life that you didn’t know about before? New questions? Overwhelm? Confusion? All of it and so much more? Know you are not alone in this kind of experience. As our world gets turned on its collective head, we have new questions before us. What is truth now for you, friend? What is the deceit that brought so many more to this place of inner awakening to the deeper divine? What to do now?

Most of us are good people who’ve built our Lives around beliefs and constructs we were programmed and trained to believe were benevolent when they weren’t. “Health care,” religions, education, finance, governance and more. Thousands of years of this and many are just now beginning to understand. As those nefarious beings and systems that were put in place long ago, to keep us diminished and compromised, crumble, so will all that we’ve built our reality around, since we built it around their constructs. Read that again, friend.

For example, the banking, education, governance, religions and “health care” industries are all “falling apart” according to “mainstream” reporting, because that kind of foundational, deceitful energy never lasts. At their core, there is nothing in those disempowering systems (or those “reporting” about them) that have any intent to make you more whole and sovereign. Look at that with clear eyes. Realize much of what we’ve all been told about Life, Love and Living by them is a lie. We are heading for one of humanity’s biggest “aha!” moments! As those systems crumble, new and more authentically empowering systems will emerge that will bring humanity and Life on this planet, together, to a better place. There is no stopping that now.

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