What is your soul’s purpose or mission while you’re here on this Earth at this time?

Recognizing one’s soul’s purpose is a highly individualized, magical process. Soul purpose can also be used interchangeably with “destiny.” The soul purpose is also associated with the “soul mission.” Before birth, your soul created an outline or blueprint for its journey during this particular incarnation. Your Soul’s Blueprint is the unique design and architecture you were born with. This energetic grid surrounds you and contains your highest purpose, information and tools to best fulfill your life’s highest mission. There are some lessons you have already mastered in past lives, and there are others that will come to you when it’s your time for a particular lesson. Our souls work with advanced “Masters” or “spirit guides” to determine the situation into which we will next be born and our decision-making continues.

I have discovered that the soul is infinite—this lifetime is only temporary. The soul or spirit is never born and never dies. If I begin tracing backwards over the many lifetimes, my soul has journeyed to different eras, places, cultures, and has been embodied by different ethnic origins, cultures, religions and races. You could say that I have a very old soul. I’ve been on many paths over many lifetimes for a very long time. If I go further back, there are various lifetimes spent as animals, reptiles, and even plants and trees within my existence today. I contain the whole evolution!

Can you remember any of your past lives?

Previous incarnations or reincarnation means you’ve had past lives. New souls are created continuously by the higher being. These new souls find a physical state to complete the process of incarnation. Incarnation is attributed to a higher spiritual being descending on a lesser physical being such as the human form. Reincarnation has a less deific meaning—it is the repeated process of incarnation of lesser souls from the spiritual state to physical. This cycle ends when the old soul achieves a completion of purpose. This means that the old soul has attained the highest state of the physical state, and it is now ready to go to the ultimate place where the highest souls reside.

What is your soul?

It is your highest divine self. It is the divine essence of your being. Your highest divine self is a conscious embodiment of your eternal, true authentic self. The soul is our mind, our emotions and our will. The soul expresses divinity through humanity. Through our expression of humanity, the soul is a channel that magnifies God’s power. The power of love supersedes every other form of power. God’s love is unconditional and infinite. Our soul spends some time on the other side between earthly lives, awaiting to be reborn and to return.

Planet Earth is a spiritual school. Your level of spiritual evolution is determined by the mastery your soul has gained on this Earth plane. When the soul evolves, we begin to follow our inner vision of our highest self. Through our highest self, our authentic truth speaks and we are guided to what our soul seeks. It is the lessons you learn and the lessons you teach to others through experiences that bring wholeness. Our soul is always communicating with us and always speaking to us, giving us signs and bringing us symbols. We are continuously evolving towards wholeness as this freed energy creates new consciousness and possibilities.

The soul becomes a master of the physical plane in which you live.

Why were you born to your human family?

You chose your parents, siblings and the circumstances that create your world now. Our souls visit this Earth more than once to evolve. The soul’s karmic need chooses experiences a particular family offers. You also chose fellow souls.

What about your soul family?

Soul families travel together to assist each other at each rebirth or incarnation. You will notice a longing to reunite with your soul tribe. When find your soul family, there is a synchronicity of consciousness. A soul family learns from each other by sharing knowledge and wisdom. Each individual member of your soul group will realign you as you realign them to the soul’s mission or purpose. Together, either directly or indirectly, souls evolve due to the deep intuitive, psychic knowing that the soul understands. These relationships are deeply transformative, as there are breakthroughs, life lessons, awakenings and realizations that connect these souls together again. There is nothing you can’t accomplish when you combine your efforts. Have you experienced an immediate connection with someone and felt like you have met them before?

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