Cultural traditions from all around the world have been shaking as a form of healing—and it may be one of the oldest forms of medicine on the Earth. Qi Gong is a martial art based on traditional Chinese medicine; in the Qi Gong tradition, gentle shaking is a way of transforming stress into vital energy. According to the Tantric and Kundalini Yogis of India, the dynamic power of shaking clears and releases blocks that cause disease. The shaking mechanism within itself is a primitive, unconscious one. It is an act of letting go. We are rerouting and reprogramming physical, mental and emotional holding patterns, removing blocks, and distributing the energy to free yourself. There is no wrong way to shake. It is a primal impulse that naturally moves the Kundalini energy upwards along the spine. This ecstatic movement is a deep spiritual and healing practice. It is extremely liberating when you are moving into a transcendental state of being. Shaking raises energy levels, releases tension, breaks up habitual patterns, enhances spirituality and invites self-discovery.

Human beings can learn from the animal kingdom and shake off excess or stagnant energy. Both humans and animals experience the fight-or-flight response—this occurs as a flood of transmitters through the nervous system causing shaking known as neurogenic tremors. Animals naturally shake to release tension after a life-threatening event. The reason being that wild animals and domesticated animals know how to dissipate energies deliberately. They simply shake it off and get back to living in the moment.

Today we have modern interpretations of this ancient medicine. New nomenclature for this primal practice includes Therapeutic Tremoring, Trauma Reaction Exercise (TRE), power shaking meditation, bio-energy meditation and dynamic meditation. Curious to try a form out for yourself? Here’s a shaking meditation practice to explore:

Osho Kundalini Meditation

Phase 1) 15 minutes: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and with knees slightly bent. This position may create a slight trembling in your legs. Allow this trembling to move from the feet upwards, and then begin exaggerating it until your whole body is trembling and shaking. Allow the shaking to come in unpredictable waves, sometimes with more wild movements and sometimes with softer rippling waves. Snaking movements are a natural part of the shaking as the Kundalini energy moves upwards along the spine.

Phase 2) 15 minutes: Let go into unstructured, free-flowing dance. Trust the way your body wants to move.

Phase 3) 15 minutes: In this phase you can remain standing, or you can sit in meditation and silence. If you are sitting, keep the spine straight. As you meditate in silence you can simply witness your body, mind and emotions as a detached observer.

Phase 4) 15 minutes: During this integration phase, lay down in deep let-go.

Lori is a natural born White Witch who loves to write. As a Natural Witch she incorporates Magic into every day life and has used it to tap into past-life experiences in order to empower herself. As an Empath, Lori is very sensitive to the energies/vibrations of other people, animals, plants and even that of spirits. She is reincarnated from the real renaissance fairies where fairy-people and wisdom keepers were more than just folklore. You can find her on IG @AlchemyWhiteWitch.

Audio Credit: Voice-over by Eileen Bray.