As winter fades and the earth once again breathes in and out to generate Life force energy for new growth, one of the first delights of spring that we experience is flowers. When the first daffodils bloom, I always mark the date on my wall calendar.

Flowers mark the beginning of all things new and fresh. It is a time of new birth and a letting go of the past. They give us hope a great new cycle of Life begins, and with it our  new dreams and aspirations.

The aromas lift our spirit into new heights and bring back memories of mystical evenings laden with honeysuckle magic through the aire. They bring us home to simpler ways of being.

Wisdoms of the Flowers

We’ve all heard that phrase, “Bloom where you’re planted”.  We may not be in an ideal situation and it may even be deeply challenging, but if we go within, we can find that just like flowers, we have deeper resources to draw from to help us bloom. What are your inner dreams, friend?

Can you feel them? Each flower, like each human and each being, has a soul dream while here on this great planet, that follows its own timing on its own unfolding. What is yours? What resources are at hand to begin your journey towards fulfillment? What are your needs, to fulfill your most joyful soul dreams? What is needed to align with, within your self, in order to bring about the connection and flow of cosmic energies through you, to create a reality that that you prefer?

Flowers and Celebrations

Flowers are frequently used as symbols in celebrations, whether for new beginnings, like births, weddings, parties or when people pass on, to mark a celebration of their Lives while in form. They adorn altars, statues of sacred beings and special places because they lift the energies to their more natural, higher states. Flowers are part of every aspect of our Lives and uplift our spirit and help open our hearts whenever we embrace their beauty. We can also connect with their sweet medicine via our inner vision. Asking them for guidance along the way, even if we’re on subways, in inner cities, planes or driving in our car, we can call up their spirit and ask them for assistance and they will help. Remember, “manners matter on every level, always”. The flowers are our elder brothers and sisters so, saying “Please and Thank you” is important to build a good relationship with them. Plants are considered “givers” energetically, and flowering plants take it to a whole other level of beauty and healing.

Flowers and Healing

Flowers also help heal the emotional and mental circuits of the psyche and spirit. They work on super fine, subtle octaves of consciousness so they can gently help us “reTune” those subtle systems within our selves, to create more harmonious flows of Oneness consciousness within us. They quietly sing to balance and harmonize our emotions. They soften and heal, and nourish and strengthen the systems that require finer tuning. Our emotions are stored in our etheric field, the closest to our body. It maintains the “outline” of our form. When we heal and clear the discord on our emotional level, our body and mind feel more open and at peace, and our systems flow more easily. Flowers assist with this whether they’re the physical flowers, flower essences, or floral fragrances that can uplift our moods.

Medicinal flowers are potent healers as well. Remember Echinacea? Other medicinal flowers include Dandelion, Poppy, Cannabis, Arnica, Ginseng, Chamomile, Clover and so many more.

Flower essences are also highly transformative healers for emotional and mental well being.

They are like “liquid Light codes” transmitting Light technology of consciousness to bring balance and healing to all beings.

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