Welcome new contributor Sheetal Jairth! Based in Vienna, Austria, Sheetal is an expert on healing the inner child. For Self-Care Sunday today read on for inspiration on how connecting with your inner kid helps unlock the door to self worth and the benefits of better manifesting.

Today I am Sheetal, an artist, spiritual guide and light language healer. But my journey started over 40 years ago. I have gone through heavy narcissistic abuse in my childhood up until my young adulthood and a lot of traumata. Hence, I felt very disconnected and didn’t know who I was. I was depressed from a very young age, suicidal at the age of 23 and at a later stage I had two burnouts, the first was because of being bullied at my workplace for several years and the second burnout was caused through my career and my abusive ex-partner, which was my wake-up call in 2016.

I have done a lot of healing and still felt that something was missing – there was an emptiness and things weren't shifting as I would have wished them to. In 2021 after I lost my home and while sleeping on my parents' couch, I realized, how deep the trauma was and that I needed to heal my inner child. This was the turning point in my journey, where I was able to heal on a much deeper level, unleashing my inner child and making a quantum leap. This healing is available to any one of us willing to stop and listen to our inner child.

Our inner child is the same as our Soul and knows how to create our own reality but when we experience trauma, we separate from our inner child. We know this as lost soul fragments. After listening and reconnecting to my inner child, today I am creating different kind of artworks, facilitating inner child healing journeys, intuitive painting classes and healing sessions.

As a guide, one thing I have observed is that many people are trying to manifest their desires with the common manifestation methods and have come to the conclusion that either it’s taking a lot of time, manifesting with some kind of unwanted “byproducts” or not coming into their reality at all. We know that if we can see it in our mind’s eye then it’s already created in the quantum field. If it’s in the quantum field then on the one hand it’s up to us to align ourselves to that frequency and on the other hand it’s also important to check in with ourselves, which encompasses mind, body, Spirit, emotions and inner child.

If our inner child is for example afraid, then we will subconsciously sabotage ourselves. People then wonder, why they are not able to manifest their desires? Often, we are trying to manifest from our mind but the other three dimensions are not in agreement. If we are too much in our headspace, it can result in frustration or wanting to give up. Furthermore, we are not able to see what is actually possible for us. Our Spirit might have something bigger for us and we can’t see it because we are not in alignment with our Spirit. So, we have to go inwards and ask all aspects of ourselves what they think of that manifestation or dream and allow ourselves to be honest and to listen.

Our inner child is as mentioned before our Soul. Hence, our inner child knows the magic of bringing in the dreams into this physical realm. But often, due to traumatic experiences, many people have separated from their inner child and don’t receive the guidance anymore. This is where separation has actually happened in the first place.

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