As we approach the end of winter and burn the last leaves to feed our garden compost, the eternal fire of new Life begins to change form. It's ever present force is a guiding Light for all who seek warmth, Light and connection. While blowing out a candle, this phrase and following vision came to me. "The humility of fire".

Humility. Her sheer presence. The awe, the purity of its totality. Fire feeds it’s self without apologies, without judgment or excuse. Fire does not push away what gives it Life! Yet, fire can also be “blown out” by our breath in a birthday cake wish or by winds. It can be squelched by water, submerge back into the earth with soil or chemicals that can “suffocate” it in a second. Fire transmutes what was and it can never be in the same form again. It truly emerges anew, each time. There’s something freeing and healing in that.

In the shamanic studies that I did for decades, fire was always spoken of as a grandfather, like the sun. Masculine. Understandable. But over the past year, while training in specific, ancient Hindu mantras to connect directly with the consciousnesses of the 5 elements, she came to me surprisingly, as a feminine energy, dancing!  Freely, easily, joyfully and elegantly. The freedom of her dance was so…FREE!! Made my spirit laugh and my face smile. She moved without hesitation, flowed openly and naturally from one movement to the other. “No issues”, no woundings did she carry. Just pure and fully being her natural self. That which was transmuted also had an experience whether it be air, wood, chemicals, organic materials or even human created ones.

Fire, our will to be. Our will to feel, to express, to heal. Fire in our belly, fire of clear mind, fire of the spirit, fire of the clear sight...Fire. It’s time to stoke our inner fires again, friends. Many nefarious forces have planned for a long time on exactly how to diminish our soul and spirit fire while walking upon this sacred planet. Don’t let that happen, and if it has, here are some ideas to spark your inner fire and learn to understand the consciousness of your own sacred, inner fire as a divinely alive being. Fire changes form depending upon what feeds it but its essence is always Fire--free and whole.

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