The following originally appeared in the December 2021 issue of New Earth Almanac.

The word “wonder” holds within it a magical gift. The secret code of “wonder” is one that shifts our mindset to one of receptivity, excitement, and even the expectation for magic. According to Merriam-Webster, wonder is not that far off from “miracle.” Wonder is essentially the verb, an action (or spell!), that initiates miracle-making. When faced with a challenge, wonder prompts our egos to let go of being in charge of an outcome. When we stop focusing on the minutia of how we alone will solve a problem, and instead surrender the making of our dreams to the greater hand of Spirit, we are finally enabling something that can be very hard for some of us to do—become containers for RECEIVING—not giving or doing, for a change.

When you are wondering, “How am I going to pay this medical bill?” Or “How am I going to afford a new car??” Or “How am I going to have time for a vacation this year?” Doesn’t fear, worry, stress, and sometimes sadness set in most of the time in answer to these kinds of questions? Those tense feelings BLOCK your ability to receive the things you want or need the most. The reason behind it is that you’re answering your own questions from the limited mind of self—not Source! In other words, if you haven’t figured out on your own how to get the outcome you want to have happen yet, guess what? The answer is probably not going to come from you alone… and you might want to get out of your own way!

Therefore, when you change the sentence to a QUEST-ion and ask “I wonder how SPIRIT is going to bring us a new car…?” Or, “I wonder how SOURCE is going to create the time in my schedule for a fantastic vacation?” and “I wonder how God will ensure my bills are paid?” you have just CHANGED THE ENERGY and thus, the entire ballgame:

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