"Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us."  —Wilma Rudolph

Why do some people seem more unstoppable than others and how do they achieve their dreams?

Firstly, we must remember that we have within us, the power of the creative Universe that is activated into a productive direction by our every choice. We are the living embodiment—the individualized expression—of an Infinite Intelligence that knows nothing about problems and knows only to create! Even though we may be living in what some may deem ‘challenging times’, that does not mean we need to be challenged. As human beings, we contain the indomitable spirit of the Great Creator that, when accessed, is the truth of who we are and is the very power and volition of the creative force back and behind all of life. This force is unstoppable! It is always out-creating Its last creation and so, therefore, no matter what conditions we desire to overcome, we can always choose again and create a new reality and a new outcome for ourselves and our lives.

Secondly, we must remember to turn our focus away from the argument that whatever has befallen us, should not have happened.  Arguing with 'what is so' will never be an argument we will win and churning the wrongness around and around in our minds will only serve to keep us enslaved in the pain and suffering of our judgments. While it is beneficial to us to be clear about what has happened—and accept that it has happened—we will only be free to be living our greatest expression once we recognize the perfection of all of it. To help us arrive at the place of allowance, we must first stop identifying with our stories of what happened, and instead we can ask these questions:

  • What is right about this situation that I am not seeing?
  • What choices do I have now that weren't available for me previously?
  • What am I free to choose now at this moment?
  • I wonder what it will take for this to get resolved easily and effortlessly in a way that is greater than anything I could imagine?

Thirdly, we must remember that there is nothing lost in the Kingdom of Heaven. Our good cannot be taken from us and we never truly lose love. Science states that nothing ever dies, it just changes shape. Life is eternal—we are eternal beings made in the image and likeness of our creator. We are so much more than just this parenthesis in time called our life! And just as we are eternal, so too, is all expression. We forget that it is the natural order of life to express in cycles of birth and death, ebb and flow, creation and destruction. We are wise to remember that each aspect of life contains all the aspects—we must experience death in order to have birth. We must rest in order to revitalize. We must experience an ending in order to generate a new beginning.

When we expand our awareness and choose a new possibility for our lives, anything unlike our new awareness must deconstruct. It can no longer exist, as we have up-leveled our vibration and frequency to that of a new idea. The deconstruction occurs only because the birth of something greater is already happening! Allow the beginnings and endings of things in your world. Stay focused on that which you desire to experience and choose the things that keep you engaged with that which edifies your spirit.

When we know this spiritual truth, then we create an awakened view of the events in our lives. We never lose our way as we know we are always perfectly on our path. We never lose our momentum as we know we are always divinely directed. We never lose our power as we know the One True Power is always running through us and as us. We never lose our ability to create as we know we are ALWAYS creating, and we can out-create any situation that no longer serves us.

It is only our attachment to what we can see with our eyes that causes us to believe in loss. When we release our judgment of loss and embrace the inevitability of change, we open ourselves to the true nature of life and free ourselves to generate our lives working for us in joyful and abundant ways.

Lastly, we must remember that we are NEVER limited by the conditioned world—the world of people, places, and things. In our greatest activity we do not have to be affected by what is going on around us but rather, we can choose to focus on the drive within us. That drive is the still small voice within that keeps our desires ignited and our beliefs heightened. When we are tempted to cast our focus on what is going on around us and allow ourselves to believe that someone or something outside of us dictates what is possible for our lives, we can have the experience of feeling shut down, depressed, lethargic, uninspired, or hopeless and without choice. When you are experiencing those lower frequency states, it is proof positive that you are stuck in someone else's reality and are not paying attention to your innate spiritual truth! Remember, there is that Infinite Presence that is you—your true YOU—that KNOWS your heart's desires and KNOWS that all things are possible. It is when you claim the authority and dominion over the conditioned world around you that you become free to choose those things that bring you greater joy, ease, and abundance.

Remember, we are never limited by the conditions of our lives. We can always choose again.

I used a quote by Wilma Rudolph at the top of this article. Wilma suffered with many challenges in her life. She suffered from pneumonia, scarlet fever, childhood polio, was a teenage mother. But Wilma did not allow these conditions to limit what was possible for her life. She boldly and bravely followed her dream and became the first American woman to win three gold medals in a single Olympic Games. She was dubbed the fastest woman in the world and was a role model for black and female athletes all over the world. Her accomplishments contributed to raising women’s track and field events into main-stream athletics. Wilma was also a civil and women's rights pioneer. None of these accomplishments would have been possible had Wilma accepted the prognosis of her conditions and refused to trust the voice within that was longing to be expressed.

I wonder on this full moon what is wanting to be expressed into the world by means of you?  I wonder what old, worn-out stories, conditions, and beliefs have you been allowing to stop you, that if you chose to lay them to rest, would allow you to birth the greater you into being? Right here and right now ask, "What could I choose today that would allow more of my greater self to be experienced right away?" When you understand how life works and use Spiritual Law as your guide, you will have the courage to choose the things that bring you joy, and you will be unstoppable!

Rev. Roby Chevance is an ordained Minister of Religious Science and founder of The Celebration Center, teaching centers of consciousness studies in San Diego & Franklin, TN. She is a teacher, counselor, motivational speaker, medium, clairvoyant, and energy healer. Known for her Limitless Living courses, training people to master the science and the spirit of energy and putting it to work for them, Roby is considered a thought leader of the 21st Century.