By Tara Kimes

The Fool card of the tarot is all about freedom and this archetype can indeed set us free… if we’re willing to reflect on how we block ourselves.

Here are three ways we tend to get stuck:

  1. We identify with self-image too much. We become fixated on one area of our ‘self’, whether it’s our business, our dating profile, our zodiac sign, our service/spirituality, or a teacher/influencer we imitate. Then, we project it out to the world in a strategic and controlling way. Social Media has made this the norm and unfortunately, it’s a sure way to get stuck spiritually and mentally. The nature of consciousness is to EVOLVE, not to suffocate in a perfect box.
  2. We seek validation outside ourselves. It’s all too easy to succumb to peer pressure these days or simply ‘choose a side’, while the Internet, information wars, social media, advertising, and corporations profit off our energy, emotions, and loss of privacy. In an epidemic of low self-worth, trauma, and addiction, this kind of fear-based conformity becomes a way of life. To just blindly follow the masses sadly blocks us from all the freedom available to us.
  3. We take ourselves WAY too seriously. This perpetuates a cycle of self-doubt, judgment, beating ourselves up on the inside, and ignoring the tone of our inner dialogue. No wonder we’re pent up, tense, and exhausted… freedom simply can’t flow when there’s no laughter/joy.

So what do we do to change, to get free?

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