By Sonia Fernández LeBlanc

Did you know that the Tarot is deeply connected to the four Elements? Isn’t that delicious?! Every Major Arcana archetype, the Minor Arcana suits, and the Court cards are ruled by elements as well as Astrological signs and planets in those elements. The Tarot tells our story as an archetypal journey of our soul’s knowing through the Major Arcana, integrating the internal lessons offered through the Minor Arcana with the external practice of Court cards.

Let’s see how all that weaves a modality of elemental self sovereignty, shall we?

The Swords

The Swords are connected to the Element of Air. As those of us who dabble in Astrology know, Air signs can spend a ton of time up in their heads (Geminis, Libras, Aquarians, I’m looking at y’all!) and therefore the Swords are the suit of mastering brain chemistry.

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