It’s Warrior Week!
As these gorgeous Maasai warriors illustrate, warriorship isn’t just about fighting enemies, rather it’s aligning divine service with truth, honor and purpose. However you choose to show your warriorship to the world, we hope you’ll enjoy learning about all the different ways to warrior with us this…

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To deny the warrior within is to deny a very important part of ourselves, a part that lives within all of us for a reason. A warrior in the divine sense is a very different type of warrior than the type portrayed in propaganda that glorifies war and killing as a manipulation tool of desensitization and division. A Divine Warrior has the courage to act from a place of knowledge and truth in the face of ignorance, which is what darkness really is. Darkness is ignorance, where the subconscious hides information, waiting for the conscious participant to go inside and bring it out of the cave, into the light of consciousness. Often this ignorance within someone is not with intent to harm, but where behaviors, thoughts and energy are playing out in the real world unconsciously.

The warrior taps into the sacredness of raw power—the fiery, burning, wild essence within that is often repressed or dormant, as societal norms have a way of quelling this to keep people under “control”, not allowing them to step into their fullness, their wholeness. Warrior energy can be channeled into something focused, determined, and steady.

Rumi said:

Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.

This represents the Divine Warrior in the way one is unafraid to destroy the perception others have of them by being authentic. The warrior is focused on connecting with and being in service to the Divine. They do not run from pain, but are almost joyful in their service to truth and wisdom. The Divine Warrior understands you can’t fight that which is against or violent towards nature/God/the Divine by being nice, complacent, or spiritually weak. This path requires a backbone that stands tall and strong and is not a path for those who bend to peer-pressure, seek approval from others, or avoid confrontation.

In contrast, the inverted Divine Warrior is one who is out of alignment; someone who gets stuck in the drive for strength and power, who is not rooted in sovereignty.

Many people will tell you that to be a warrior is to attract war. No, this is NOT true. This belief stems from surface-level manifestation practices, the law of attraction twisted and used as propaganda to keep people passive and apathetic. A warrior is willing to defend their freedom, light, life, and sovereignty. It means standing up for oneself, holding wrong-doers accountable. It’s speaking up that helps to break the spell over humanity. Being a warrior is not to sit on the sidelines in la-la land meditating and hoping it all works out. It’s to activate the fire within, take action in our own lives, and help awaken the masses from collective amnesia. More importantly, it’s about awakening the self and one’s own sovereignty! Though this type of work is an individual and inside job, being an example of this when the times are appropriate can help others see they too are powerful enough to stand up for themselves.

The warrior energy can also be an energy of destruction and is the other half of every mythological duo such as the example of Shiva/Shakti. Chaos and destruction are important, though not always fun, because this forces us into situations to test us, to help us let go of what is no longer in highest alignment, or to wake us up to something we need to bring into consciousness. To allow an old system, behavior, patten, or belief to destruct enables the building of something new—a beginning. How many times has something “seemingly” destructive happened in your life? Maybe you lost a job or had a flat tire or just hit rock bottom. Yet from that situation stemmed something even better, something you may not have even been aware of until years down the road. Without that destructive event, you would have remained stuck.

Righteous anger is healthy. If natural laws are violated or innocents harmed (like animals and children), this anger can fuel us towards protective action. This type of action is rooted in love and truth. It is fire ignited by an inner knowing that no one is going to change overnight, or can change at all, but for each of us as individuals, change is possible and this can ripple out into how we all co-exist.

This ties into another limiting belief that some emotions are good and some are bad. ALL emotions serve us in a positive way, as they are guides, a radar to help us understand our current state of being. We need to feel those emotions so they don’t become stored in the body or get acted out in unhealthy ways. We are meant to feel them, to work with them, learn from them, alchemize them, know them. “Emotion” creates motion inside, a catalyst for action. Emotions that are part of a warrior aspect are very transformative and powerful. They empower us to become more grounded, more rooted in ourselves—to move through fears, to find our sovereignty, individuality and self-responsibility. This sometimes chaotic energy can be a powerful fueling force and is here in service to our human experience.

To be a warrior is to be called into action by the Divine, the Great Spirit, God. It’s a connection to something greater than self, yet is activated by embodying self in its wholeness. It’s a call for freedom, love and humanity. It’s an equalization activated inside of those willing to do the Great work and step up when things are out of balance. The flow of life is always trying to get back into harmony with nature. And just like nature, in Divine Warriorship, there are masculine and feminine expressions (for examples, check out tomorrow’s article to read Lori Bradford Miles’ “Divine Feminine and Masculine Archetypes”).

The Divine Masculine Warrior

The Divine Masculine Warrior is the hero. He is undeterred, he inhabits his masculine energy, protector and guardian, living within a foundation of truth and sovereignty. He is authentic and real and exudes a powerful energy that empowers other men seeking to return to their true nature, holding the feminine energy with tenderness and grace as he watches over and takes action to protect what he loves. He embodies strength beyond the physical, he is connected to his heart and loyal to the Divine flow. He is always sharpening his skills and lives with honor and integrity. Even when not embodying the warrior archetype, this is always a part of him.

The Divine Feminine Warrior

The Divine Feminine Warrior is the heroine. She is courageous, as she knows her wisdom and truth are in alignment with natural law. She sees the illusions around her and is unafraid of the shadow. As such, she has a commanding presence, a willingness to see with greater perception. This assists her in holding light in the darkest of places. She’s a living intuitive compass, who doesn’t sit on the sidelines but stands beside the Divine Masculine. She is sovereign and wild; embodies truth and is activated in her connection with Mother Earth/Sophia/Eriu. She stands rooted and is fierce, a guardian of animals and children. She is connected with the unseen energies and knows how to work with them.

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