Jessica Johnson shares her life-changing experience with a transformative book, It's Not Your Money by Tosha Silver. Since her article first appeared in our Spring issue, the blessings of Jessica's story and the power of Tosha's book combined have led many of us on a new path in relationship to money. Read on for some life-changing goodness! (And, if you read the article this spring, scroll below to see a pic of Jessica's tattoo featuring a selection from Tosha's "Full Abundance Change Me Prayer"!)

For some folks, being synced up to money or their earnings is what they live for. It can become the warm overcoat one cloaks themselves with every day in the winter. Necessary and soothing.

Money was not like that for me.

I was raised where money was used as a way of masking pain or saying “I love you” by my father. I have no doubt this is what he experienced growing up too. But unknowingly, I would and did completely disassociate around money for most of my life.

I would describe my relationship to and around money as paralysis. I would just lock up. Freeze. Become paralyzed with being in any kind of relationship with it at all. To say that this was creating immense stress and ongoing additional trauma around my “creative abilities and success with abundance” was profound.

In addition to experiencing trauma around money as a child, I had also been in a devastating six-year custody battle with an abusive ex-husband. Money had been a significant part of that abuse while married (representing his desire to control me), and on top of it, all the money I received post-divorce was being bled out of me in what felt like a never-ending legal battle with him. I could never have comprehended this was even possible, and yet it became a sole aspect of how it equated my relationship to money. With this crisis, all of my childhood wounding around money had come full circle, and it was time for me to face what money really meant to me.

In 2019, one of my dear mentors and coaches, Tammy Roth, introduced me to a book she said will “change your life and your relationship to money”: Tosha Silver’s It’s Not Your Money. I’d been doing a 1:1 constellation coaching with Tammy, and then additionally joined an online coaching group she was guiding around manifesting your dream life. The group was called Soul Note. And in true Divine Beloved order, I met myself in the mirror fully facing the wounding, old programs and beliefs around my relationship with money, literally as I was introduced to It’s Not Your Money.

Throughout the process of reading the book over and over again or listening to it on audio over the past couple years, I found myself finally being cloaked in that warm winter coat. Something inside me shifted. Tosha had a beautiful way of explaining that it wasn’t my money, nor yours, nor his (my ex’s)—nor anyone’s! You see, It’s Not Your Money is all about the ONENESS of you and all things. The title comes directly from the message “it’s not your money” because it’s not, it’s everyone’s money. It is the knowing and belief that we are all divinely connected to each other and God (or whatever term you prefer to use). The absolutely magical news is you can believe in whatever works for you and still connect with the frequency and transformational practices of It’s Not Your Money. Tosha describes different languages in how to apply your own individual meaning of what she affectionally calls Divine Beloved. By tapping into that Divine Beloved energy and incorporating the practices suggested in this book, you will undeniably experience something remarkable. There is no seeking out the Vortex. The Vortex is YOU. The ONENESS.

I will talk later in the article about the five things Tosha recommends to do each day as you dive into the book, but it was accepting this first rule of money and following her practices that created a shift in my body immediately. Not just in my body, but in my soul and spirit too. Soon, my paralysis was no more. From following her process, the fears were being lifted and I was stepping fully into my destined path of abundance. I would go out on a limb to say we all want to feel abundant. We all want to feel like we are swimming in the sea of expansion and what is possible. Even if we have no idea what that may look like or how the heck it could ever happen, it is a part of our pulse when our heart beats.

For me, abundance equates to not just success with money, but success with personal relationships, myself, my family, my children, my romantic partners, etc. As a full-time professional psychic, I can see things about my life which include all the abundance available to me. But the most important piece I have learned from It’s Not Your Money about creating abundance/success is not only the vision component of what is available to all of us but the energetic sweet spot of when to let go.

This is where Tosha’s methods have truly been the slow-strengthening tea that needed time to steep within me, exactly as the author describes it to be. This book explains how we are always in a cycle of receiving and letting go. This is the cycle that equates to flow state. It’s actually flow that equals abundance. Abundance is always flowing, always coming in and going back out. Therefore, it is not your money, nor mine, nor anyone’s. It is that of the Universe and Divine Source and thus always available to us.

I have read and studied the Law of Attraction myself for more years than I know to count at this point. I have worked with coaches and mentors to guide me in meditations and practices. I have listened to endless audios in the hopes of putting myself in “flow state.” The Law of Attraction talks about where we manifest things. It is in the vortex. The quantum field. This is the teaching of Abraham Hicks. I listened to those audios for years. And guess what, so did Tosha. She talks about all that in the introduction to It’s Not Your Money. She devoted many years to studying these practices and says the book was literally channeled through her as an offering to all. No words ever felt more true to me. If you listen to the audiobook, her voice is like being in the mystical vortex itself.

Tosha’s suggestions and practices work in relation to the energy of Divine Source alignment. I would like to share the “roots,” or practices, that Tosha tells you about in the “Week Two: The Five Divine Steps” chapter of her book:

Step 1 - Say “The Full Abundance Change Me Prayer” each day.

Step 2 - Clean your house each day (aka start purging).

Step 3 - Stop complaining about money.

Step 4 - Make a statement of Gratitude daily.

Step 5 - Say “It’s easy for me to RECEIVE” daily.

She suggests to do each step every day for eight weeks. These steps and this book come fully stocked with loads of other prompts, prayers and practices that will quite literally rearrange your insides about how you relate to money. But it’s not just money; it is everything. Because abundance isn’t about success or a dollar sign. It is about a feeling. It is about an energetic frequency we exist in. For me, I had more work to do on my wounds around how I saw myself as an abundant spirit. But when you come to truly know that and understand the true feeling and connection to infinite abundance, everything else will start to shift. Once you experience it, you will never, ever want to go back to any other way of existing. That has been my experience with this practice. To the degree that I got part of “The Full Abundance Change Me Prayer” tattooed on my left inner forearm! The left side of the body is the Divine Feminine side. This is our receiver side. With my tattoo, I am now fully in the energy of RECEIVING forever. It is my Divine Source birthright.

Today I know to live and breathe is to be abundant in every way. “I exist, therefore I am.” “I am” for me equals abundance because abundance is my birthright. It is everyone’s. I believe being in the energy of the book taught me that finally. It has now become a part of me in my core.

I not only have a hard copy of It’s Not Your Money that I keep lovingly by my bed or in my home office area daily (it floats around my house just like I float around my house), but I additionally downloaded the audiobook and listen to it a few times a week as needed. I wrote this article because I want the world to know about this book. I also want to be an ambassador of what practices I do in my own life and how they have transformed me. Just as Tosha channeled this book from Divine Beloved, I am channeling it to my clients and now to all of you—just like my Divine Beloved mentor Tammy Roth did for me.

The frequency in the New Earth is climbing and expanding each and every single day. We can all feel it. The synchronicities are everywhere. Once you hear the message of what is calling to you for change, it will pull you like a magnet. You know why? Because it is you already. You are the magic and the message. You always have been. You were just waiting to find that part of yourself. To meet yourself in the magical sacred space to create what was always yours from the moment you came here.

May the magic of It’s Not Your Money activate your DNA.

You are remembering who you are.

Abundance is your Birthright.

I love you all so deeply and I love this vibration. “You are me, I am you, We are one.”

Jessica Johnson is a psychic-medium, intuitive coach and manifesting mentor who believes that “Everything is Energy.” She has devoted the last 17 years to the principles and practice of mind, body and spirit work. She recently became a colon hydrotherapist in her ongoing passion for healing the body inside out. Read more about her and her story at: or follow her on Instagram @jess_m_johnson.

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