By Jan Maloch

In the last three years, I have had a strong connection and open communication with a group of light beings called The Arcturian Collective. These multi-dimensional guides are here for all of us in service to our great global shift into a New Earth.  The Arcturians are dedicated to humanity’s education of universal laws and truths. They exist in dimensional unity, viewing themselves as citizens of a vast universe. Their wisdom can help us release the need to live in separation which will result in the expansion and actualization of our light. Through telepathic transmissions, they are assisting us to realize our true light potential to further our own evolution.

The Arcturians are multi-dimensional light beings that exist primarily in a 9th dimensional realm. Their preferred communication is through symbols and telepathic energy called the language of light. This language is a pure vibration of light. Light is light and cannot be easily distorted by beliefs and mental thought forms. My first experience with the Arcturians was through the use of symbology, a component of the language of light. I found myself waking up in the middle of the night and drawing unrecognizable symbol-like images. It is through working with these images that I became accustomed to their energy and could slowly hold a telepathic connection. Over time, I channeled their words and energy for my clients and eventually wrote my first book.

My published book, called The Road to Ascension, A Telepathic Transmission from the Arcturian Collective, was the result of my three-year connection to their energy. Through this book, the Arcturian Collective has provided the essential guide on how to fully participate in our own ascension process. They have provided the key concepts, methods, and necessary light activation vital to our understanding and participation in our evolutionary shift. Because it is a channeled book, the Arcturian Collective has infused this book with a high vibration energy. Each word was chosen for not only its meaning, but for the amount of light needed to help us remember our dimensional self. Their wisdom reminds us that we are at our own magnificent choice point to experience the light of unity consciousness.

While writing this article, I connected with the Arcturian Collective to ask them a few questions that may be helpful in furthering our understanding of them.

These are their answers:

Why should we communicate with light beings like you?

You must begin to know yourselves as multi-dimensional beings in human form in order to retain your balance on a dimensional-changing planet.  Our service to you and your planet is to give you the necessary light energy and wisdom needed for a successful evolutionary transition. You have dimensional capabilities coming out of hibernation, and we can help you actualize your greater potential.

Why does your collective of light care about our evolution?

We are all one in the light. We are all eager to reunite with you and give you the necessary support much like you do on Earth through human family connections. We are all a part of a grand family of universal light with different service and energy expressions. It is our privilege to help you once again remember that you are not alone. You are and will remain a member of our grand family of universal light.

What is the best way for us to awaken our own telepathic abilities?

It is advantageous to remember your abilities by becoming familiar once again with the language of light. The language of light consists of various components such as sound, words, symbology, and light projection. You may resonate with one or more of these components, which will activate your light and bring you a sense of great peace. However, symbology is one of the most potent activators of light as it allows for vast amounts of telepathic wisdom to be transmitted without interference. A good starting point is to work with the symbol on the cover of The Road to Ascension book. We have given you this symbol to stimulate and activate your light for greater knowing.

The Arcturian Symbol on the cover of The Road to Ascension by Jan Mahloch. Find her book on or enter our Instagram giveaway for your chance to win a copy today (see details below)!

Can you give us more information regarding the symbol on the Road to Ascension book cover?

We call the symbol on this channeled book the “Act of Activation.” This symbol transmits a vibration that will awaken your multi-dimensional light and assist you in re-discovering your telepathic abilities. Also, as you work with the symbol, you will discover unique impressions and your own personal meaning.

How do we work with this symbol?

Symbols are best worked with by using both your five senses and your intuitive knowing.  With your intent to activate your light, place  your hand on the symbol, close your eyes, and allow any intuitive impressions to come forth.  You may also want to draw the symbol repeatedly with various colors to release the energy. Even spending time visualizing this symbol in quiet contemplation can bring forth your own personal knowing. Remember, this symbol activates light and you will receive that light with your open intent to communicate through language of light.

How can we best be in service to the Earth and to others?

Begin to think of yourself as light. Imagine being a part of a grand family of universal light.  Connect with your dimensional self by walking the road to ascension. Remember this one truth above all else:

You are the light your world needs at this time!”

Note to the reader: I highly recommend the paperback edition of my book (found on Amazon) in order to easily work with the symbol and to receive the maximum amount of light vibration. I also suggest allowing your own intuition to guide you to a specific page that may be relevant in that moment for you.

Jan Mahloch is a co-founder of the Trio of Light, a collective of practitioners who work together to create services that support the new emerging world. Jan’s many years of delivering practical guidance and meditative imagery from the angelic realm have also prepared her for these changing times. Her channeled readings are insightful, positive, and provide the necessary guidance on how to follow one’s ascension path for greater light. Jan’s soothing voice and channeled guided meditations are designed to connect the dimensional self with the human experience. Also a retired registered nurse, she is based in Bend, OR. Find out more about Jan on her website

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