From all of us at New Earth Almanac, we are grateful for you and we wish you and your families a blessed Thanksgiving 2022!

Veronica wrote the following in 2001.

Great Spirit...

In gratitude we walk the road of ancient knowing

In peace we face our challenges.

With Love, we embrace

With strength, we face

the road unfolding before us.

Your love is healing

Your love is more than most can imagine

How far we’ve come

How far still to go

Awe fills our souls

How lucky we are to have such teachings


with such integrity.

May we remember to hold the road clear

for those to come

those yet unborn

those also seeking….

Thank you Great Spirit... for this life!


Veronica O’Grady was born with the gifts of a shaman and has been training & receiving visions and messages for humanity since early childhood. She does deep soul healing, Life counseling sessions, and Light Leaders trainings immersions. Veronica is the founder of Light Leaders International where Lightworkers train to become the Light Leaders of the New Earth. Visit and @lightleadersinternational on Facebookand Instagram.