By Sonia Fernández LeBlanc

According to the Celtic Moon Calendar, the first Full Moon after Yule is known as the Birch Moon because it is the earliest of the trees to awaken and grow leaves as the winter wanes. This year the Birch Moon falls on Monday, January 17, smack dab in the starkest part of the winter time when we are deep in our caves of comfort honoring the dark, cold, hibernation time and waiting for the light to ever so slowly return back to us as we dream and plan for all that the coming seasons of rebirth will offer us. Hence its other timely name: The Moon of Inception.

The tarot card most commonly associated with the Birch Full Moon is the Magician, who begins the Fool’s Major Arcana journey. For this Full Birch Moon of Inception, we will contemplate the Magician and the energy she offers as we begin a new lunar year cycle which happens to connect loosely to the months of the Gregorian Calendar, which works nicely if you are bridging the mundane and the esoteric.

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