The following excerpt is compiled from Volume 1 of Veronica’s eBook, Taking Back the Wild Divine: Redefining Reality & the Cornerstones of the Human Psyche Through the Eyes of a Shaman. The following text is a portion of her user’s manual to stripping away the programming so your true, elegant nature can authentically emerge.

We are each unique emanations of the Creator and always have been. Most have been taught otherwise. When we connect from within our heart to that divine Light of ecstatic bliss within us, our perception of Life changes. For real. We see through completely different eyes than the ones we’ve been trained to see through. It is ecstatic. Truly magical. Once you experience it, your soul remembers the vibration of “home” and continues to want to align with it. All it takes is bringing up the energy of an optimal experience where you truly felt connected and “in the zone”.

Your body remembers it and you can re-tune your inner vibrations back to those frequencies, like a tuning fork. Try it! You’ll be surprised how quickly you can change your brain states and reality. Repeating this focused intention exercise can help bring that vibration back into your more dense, physical reality, so you can re-tune whatever got out of balance since your last “attunement”.

The “intentional entrainment” program they created and infused into the mainstream psyche of the collective, was “the great forgetting program”—a deeply planned out series of strategies and tactics to create disconnection from, and a forgetting of our “true nature and gifts” program. It has been so subtle and so brilliantly and diabolically engineered that most don’t even realize how deeply and intentionally we’ve been guided into agreeing with these unseen, engineered, shadow structures that have defined what we call “reality”. And many quite frankly, think anyone who challenges it is pure nuts.

That’s fine. At this point, there are finally enough people who are aware and many who are awakening to the depth and extent of the intentional “perception-engineering” upon humanity that benefits only a few. The beings that have planned this are not entirely human—at all actually, but they look it.

A quick visit of the movie "They Live", a 1980’s B-rated movie explains it all very clearly. (View a short clip here.)

Awakening Ancient Memory

“Taking Back the Wild Divine” is about humanity remembering its soul nature again, both as a collective and individually, before history was rewritten and our memory of it was wiped clean. We are profoundly gifted but have been taught otherwise for a very long time. This

book offers a different kind of map to more deeply understand where we got off track and then take back the areas of our individual and collective psyche that have been usurped over generations.

Sidewalk Story and the journey of changing your Life:

A long time ago, someone told me a short story that changed my Life. It showed me a new map of what it means to learn new behaviors and end old, lower vibrational ones. I’ve shared this story in just about every training and in most healing and counseling sessions to describe the process of  learning, unlearning and creating new realities. It is especially helpful when breaking old habits and ways of being that no longer serve you. When we know the map, the terrain becomes more manageable and we can jump in more wholeheartedly. There is also no judgment in this arena. Only learning to reTune our inner frequencies to align with our optimal, most whole state.

It is simply called “The Sidewalk Story”. I do not know its original author. The analogy has helped me frame every experience of learning and growing with self-mastery with a more gentle, compassionate eye towards my self and others as well. The quote, “We are all walking each other home” comes up here. Let’s connect, heal, strengthen and unite together, heart and soul in real ways. Soulful ways. Connected ways. It’s happening; the wave of Love. It’s unstoppable and game-changing, and each of us is a drop of water in that wave. Do what you can to keep your hologram whole. This story you’re about to read or hear can serve as a great guide.

The Sidewalk Story:

A person is walking down the street and falls into a huge hole. A massive hole—like one created for the construction of a high-rise building. They are bruised, cut and face down in mud and rain. They call out for help but there is nobody around to help them out. Many days go by and finally someone comes and helps them out. They are muddy, clothes are torn, and they are tired, cold and bruised.

The next time the person walks down the street, they fall again into that same hole. Bruised and covered with mud again, they realize they are face down in the exact same hole…again. Frustration, anger, despair and sadness overtake them, and once again they call out for help. This time, not as much time goes by—only a couple of days before someone comes to help them out. They are once again, bruised, muddied, their clothes are torn and they feel frustrated, disheartened and somewhat depressed about falling in again.

The next time they walk down that street they fall into the same hole. This time however, even though they are muddied and bruised, they are able to figure a way to climb up and get them selves up out of the hole. Slipping, sliding and basically clawing their way up, they finally make it up and out on their own.

The next time they walked down the street, they walked around that whole.

The next time? They walk down another street.

End of story.

What does all that mean?

In my way of seeing, it is the perfect analogy of what it takes to change habits, patterns, inner ways of Living and looking at Life. Mechanical tools that visually help our spirit align and recalibrate as we learn, so we can learn gently.

When we have a habit or a way of being that we want to change, sometimes the challenge is to have a map that shows the way OUT of that habit. Sheer will alone doesn’t always work and having this neutral visual gives a quick and easy tool to turn to for a quick re-calibration as we learn. It’s a simple, non-judgmental and practical analogy that can help you gently and consciously navigate your self into higher vibrational ways of being.

*Note - we may revisit what feels like the bottom of that hole again on many levels, even long after we’ve healed that vibration within. Not to worry. It happens. Just pick your self up, dust off and choose again. New breath, new choices, new beginnings.

Our soul knows the memory of “home”. The heaven state is our natural state. That is my mission—to help us return to that inner

space of the wild, natural divine…This journey can help you excavate truth when you see through the eyes of your soul. When truth emerges, it frees your spirit and your energy to explore other, more whole states of being. This becomes an organic new way of interacting with Life and creating a new reality for your self. Learning the tools that will help you master these processes and experiences is what will get you there.


Veronica O’Grady was born with the gifts of a shaman and has been training & receiving visions and messages for humanity since early childhood. Visit and @lightleadersinternational on Facebook and Instagram.

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Jungle Nights

Veronica wrote the following poem in 1984.

The chitter chatter

of tropical splendor

the birds in all their glory.

You may be safe at home in your bed

but with your eyes closed,

your imagination tells you another story.

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