By Carrie Davis

On my 35-minute evening commute, I take the two-lane back road and roll my windows down. Something about my hair in the wind and the strand that gets stuck to my lipgloss is the kind of beautiful mess I have missed.

We are so consumed with the daily grind portrayed by society that it’s not often we take a minute to enjoy the natural beauty around us. Did you stop to smell the flowers today? Probably not, we hardly even notice them these days.

Maybe the system is down because the system is broken.

The little things that slow us down don’t have to be a bad thing. Remember stopping for a train? Did you find yourself counting the cars, appreciating the graffiti … or checking your email and socials on your phone with your head down while it passes by?

As someone who didn’t choose the path of attending a 4-year college and plugging directly into the corporate machine, I followed my passion of doing hair and being surrounded by people from all walks of life. It’s been 18 years with no regrets! I love what I do and am still very passionate about it. But, let me say this … the last three years have been like none before.

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