An indescribably dark and viscous fog entered the space between my skull and my brain, as if someone was blowing a sick, heavy air into my ear. I begged for it to stop, but each day the fog got thicker and more confusing. I began to lose touch with reality, and my body couldn’t handle simple tasks anymore. I was no longer able to eat anything without crashing into a heap of dizziness and pain. Debilitating migraines became normal. My heart raced out of nowhere, I ran to the bathroom every few minutes, each bone in my body ached relentlessly, and I felt as though I had the world’s worst hangover combined with excruciating PMS and the kind of flu that most people are hospitalized for. An indescribable physical exhaustion descended onto my life and worked its way into every cell of my body. Even the undersides of my feet hurt, turning my morning walk to the bathroom into a crawl from one foxhole to another. There wasn’t one organ this mysterious enemy didn’t infect. I knew something very deep down had broken.

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