“O, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.” - Roman Payne

Are you rejuvenated by the sun? Do you FEEL it giving you life? Do you love to bask in its glorious rays of golden light? Yes? Well many cultures throughout time have felt this way and thus worshipped the sun.

My favorite time of day is early morning when the sun rises. Filling the air with the hope and promise of a new day. I love to make a cup of tea and sit outside with the sun shining right on my face. I let the rays shine gently into my eyes and I’m instantly filled with gratitude and peace. I step onto the grass with my bare feet to connect deeply with the earth. I look around at the dew drops sparkling and reflecting the sunlight everywhere around me. This is a magical time of morning. The earth is awakening and slowly stirring. This time of day there is no rush yet. I can feel my heart opening, and my body and spirit being rejuvenated. As the sun shines on me, I imagine my soul absorbing the sun’s nurturing energy and allow it to radiate through me and strengthen me.

Humans have always placed great importance around the cycles of the sun. Our time, our days, and our seasons are all based off of sun cycles. We need the sun to nurture the plants to produce oxygen that we breathe. The sun gives life. Adoring the sun was one of the original forms of religious expression. Showing gratitude for this life giving force has been a sacred practice in many cultures. Many yoga traditions have honored the sun as a symbol of the divine. No matter what, we can count on the sun to rise each and every day without fail.

Not only is there a spiritual connection to the sun but there are biological processes triggered by the cycles of sunlight and darkness. The sun’s ultraviolet rays shining on our skin affects us physically. As the sun rises, sunlight hits our optic nerve and then goes to the pituitary gland which controls melatonin production. The melatonin is released at night, but it is made in the early morning light. So exposing yourself to morning sunshine actually helps you sleep better at night! Sunshine also boosts our serotonin levels which makes us feel more energetic and optimistic. So sunshine makes us overall happier people. And if you combine sunshine with exercise you will experience serotonin and an endorphin release as well! A morning walk is sure sounding pretty great!

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