Place a spring in your step and enjoy these incredible poems celebrating the return of the Sun written by Veronica approximately 20 years ago. Poetry as medicine never ages!

Turning Towards the Sun

Veronica wrote the following in 2002.

Wake up

the world is dawning

turning toward the sun.

Dark waters, hearts deep in sleep

with new breath it has begun.

Lifting eyes

the mist is gone

dimness, darkness now a dream.

Sleepy eyes, sparkle alive and new

strange worlds before us stream.

A yawn is stretched

a song is sung

beginning a new life.

All that we are

becomes more clear

and our spirit soars even higher.

Gone is the fear

addiction’s constriction

frequencies raised in wanting home.

New breath awakens

re-membering Source,

so deeply we all know.

The touch, the feel, the memory real

reaching toward the Light.

The breath of new dreams awakens us all

into our birthright.

Aligning with the earth

new songs awaken

still minds create a new space.

The waters now clear

and memory, a sphere

Uncovering the new world’s

many faces.

Turning toward the sun

We dream a new dream

of all that is and is to come.

Surefooted now,

we walk our Lives aware

of world’s emerging…

All is One.


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