By Tara Kimes

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Our New Earth contemplation for the summer is the theme of celebration, charisma, grace, frolic and merrymaking! Here on the 3 of Cups we see three women celebrating. Are they making a toast? Dancing? Playing a game? Making a sacred offering? We’re not sure, but either way there’s a sense of playfulness, lightness and joy that makes onlookers want to stop and watch, or be part of it!

There’s a graceful ease about the way these figures are sharing the pleasure of the moment. Interestingly, this card relates to the three “graces” of Greek mythology, sometimes referred to as the three “charities,” or three “nymphs.” The three graces were said to be the daughters of Zeus and Hera, but are more associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and Love. They represented brightness, joyfulness and bloom, and aside from bringing delight to people in general, it’s said that each of them offered a different gift. One brought youth and beauty, one brought charm and charisma, and the other brought laughter and fun.

As advice, this card from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck (pictured) suggests relaxing and resting in the pleasures of life. This summer we’re being invited to tap deeper into our capacity for joy. So many adults suffer needlessly because they don’t allow themselves to frolic, play or laugh! We tend to think when things are scary, or mass change is happening in the world, or times seem dark … that we have to tense up and “adult” more, “get with the program,” or “go to battle.” But the tarot is giving us a different message—it’s giving us the message of hope.

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