June 28, 2022 | New Moon

Dear New Earthers,

In this eleventh compilation, also marking the New Earth Almanac’s first birthday on Summer Solstice, you are reading the first official digital magazine edition flying under the banner of—Spiritual Journal! With this new distinction, our digital magazine edition will begin to stand on its own as a separate periodical, published quarterly on the Solstices and Equinoxes, providing a longer-range compliment to our daily offerings on newearthalmanac.com. We hope that both editions, while with some overlapping content for now, will serve as companions for you no matter where your path toward the New Earth takes you. Thanks to your feedback in our Spring Survey, we also look forward to expanding on the ways for you to read and access this offering in the months ahead.

In this summer issue, we’ve selected stories and themes we hope will provoke your thoughts and immerse you in the New Earth point of view. We’ve identified two consistent themes rising up for the Collective this season and have worked with our incredible circle of contributors to bring you some of their unique stories, perspectives and wisdom. Our series on Masculine Energy dives into archetypes, social dynamics and power practices for harnessing and maintaining a healthy balance of this vital energy source. Our series on Shape-shifting offers a wide range of interpretations of this magic! Read about how sound, frequency, life changes and experience, movies and more, all contribute to our understanding of shape-shifting, including instructions for practicing yourself!

Whatever shape your summer season takes for you this year, thank you so much from all of us for choosing to lend your support to New Earth Almanac. Have a great summer!


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