With the Full Sturgeon Supermoon upon us, Kirem shares her channeled Soul Sign wisdom on these once plentiful fish found in lakes, streams and rivers at this time of year. For more insight on the Supermoon's magic, check out Marci Lingelbach's post from yesterday, here.

Sadly, the Sturgeon itself is an endangered species, due to extreme over-fishing in the 19th century along with the subsequent proliferation of the logging industry and habitat loss from today’s spreading urban sprawl. The Sturgeon Soul Sign shares a lot in common with the fish’s nickname, “Living Fossil”. Sturgeons are part of the Acipenseridae family which has been on Earth for more than 135 million years. Firmly representing both the Fossil and Water realms, those with Sturgeon as their Soul Sign have great perspective and maintain a quiet stoicism on emotional suffering, characteristic of their old-soul roots. They may have prematurely graying hair, a few distinguished wrinkles, or other signatures of their character. In essence, their faces plainly show you where they’ve been, and they’re not ashamed of their pasts. These “endangered giants” are the rare breed of mentor that would speak little but show you a lot. The lessons they learned are ones we could never handle as they had to learn them the hard way, but they can teach you what you need to know, without including or inflicting the pain they ensued. For this reason, they are incredible space holders and teachers, able to heal within themselves the sins of the past and instead provide for the future generation(s) with the loving ability to let the past go.

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