Dear New Earthers,

Following Marci's article yesterday on changing ourselves to change the world, an easy next step is to walk your wisdom out into the light with New Earth Almanac!

Did you know that NEA is the ultimate PR opportunity for healers, artists, mystics and more to get the word out about their amazing wisdom and work?

Whether contributing a best-practice exercise to the daily email or a story from your life and experience to our full color print edition, NEA's mission is to help you shine! Each article you contribute is a chance to radiate your light to more people seeking to hear from the expertise we each hold. Sharing what we know helps and lifts us all towards the destinies we came to fulfill and the world we wish to live in.

No matter what your level of experience is with publishing your work, we take your writing through our supportive editorial process, assist you in clarifying your message, and polish it up into a piece you can be proud of!

Our favorite compliment from writers is, "I wrote that??!" 😁

We love witnessing those in the New Earth community see their own reflection sparkling in the mirror of co-creation with us!

Today, read on to learn more about our process and the Contributor Circle's take on their experiences publishing with NEA:

What is Co-Creation?
“The idea is not to live forever, but to (co-)create something that will.” - Andy Warhol We talk a lot about co-creation here at New Earth Almanac. The concept comes from the awareness that our strengths are better together than isolated and alone. The “old earth” template we were
True Takes on Co-Creation: “This is so FUN!”
Something we’ve been hearing a lot lately in our Contributor Circle is how much FUN we’re all having co-creating the New Earth Almanac together! Whether that’s the upcoming Summer print edition, or the Daily Devotional email you’re reading right now; we’re having a ball! As a reader, have you wonder…

What are you waiting for? 😁 Get started today!

Become a Contributing Writer

It's easy! Simply send us an email with any thoughts on an article you might like to share or go for it and send us a full first draft! Most articles for the daily email are only about 500 words long. Longer pieces up to 1200 words max can be submitted for the print edition. Resources on contributing can be found on our Contributor Guidelines page. Email us anytime with submissions or questions at [email protected].

Writing Suggestions

Wondering what to write about? Here are a few of the things we're looking for!

  • Across both the daily email and print editions, we are always interested in pieces on consciousness, planetary awakening, our connection to nature, natural law, higher values, self-responsibility, relationships, shadow work, guided visualizations, crystals, meditations, art, affirmations, poetry, book excerpts, bodywork, recipes, wildcrafting, plant medicine, mantra, healing, humor, wholism, shamanism, spoken word and much more!
  • For the daily email, we're also looking for easy exercises and practices, summer and fall themes, audio, video, music, and art. We also love submissions that help complement and extend the meanings of the topics featured in the current print issue. The themes covered in our Summer Almanac are Wholism and Alchemy.
  • For the next print edition, we will also be addressing the following topics:

1. THE LIGHT, DARK AND IN BETWEEN. The time heading into Fall and Winter is when the veil is at it's thinnest! We'll also be covering shadow aspects and emotions, shadow work, facets of the "dark" agenda and how we're holding the Light high, and much more!

2. RETURN AND RISE OF THE SOVEREIGN. We're all feeling a great reformation and restoration is underway! We will explore natural law and our rights as stand-alone unique beings. Some of us remember the beforetimes, who are the original Queens and Kings? How can we honor the sacred sovereign in our daily lives?

Attention all Contributors! We have extended the deadline for the next print edition to September 1st, so there's plenty more time to get your stories in before summer ends!

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you shine!


Kirem & Marci

Kirem Marnett, MAOM is co-founder and editorial director at New Earth Almanac. Get in touch with her and the editorial team at [email protected].

Marci Lingelbach is co-founder of the New Earth Almanac and a Crystal Reiki Master in Franklin, TN. You can find her at, and on Instagram and Facebook @reikibymarci.

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